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Reputation marketing is crucial for every company. Even though many people still mistake reputation marketing with reputation management, these things are different. While the first one deals with building a positive reputation, the second is about recovering reputation after some negative feedback.

Thus, what is reputation marketing and how can you manage it?

Let us suppose you have a company. This company is managing everything quite successfully, and the number of happy customers is growing. You might want to move your business to a higher level. If until now, you have never asked your customers to leave positive feedback for your business, it might be the best time to do so now.

How to Create a Reputation?

Now, when you know what is online reputation marketing, it is time to check how to build your reputation in marketing. Let us start with an example.

Type in the browser the name of the niche in which you work. Check what companies rank at the top. Now, check whether they have some common features.

Reviews on the Company`s Website

After a short research, you will discover that they might have different approaches, but one thing is common to all of them: reviews. All those sites will have reviews provided by their clients. The reasons are simple: even a small positive note about the service written supposedly by some Mr. Twist makes visitors believe that the company is good indeed. It works even in the case if nobody can check whether that Mr. Twist is a real person and his review is not fake.

Thus, building your reputation is to some extent asking your clients for reviews. Normally, there is a special place on the website provided for this purpose.

Many companies use this way to create a fake reputation. They publish reviews written by themselves or other interested persons. This is one of the reasons why having reviews on your website only is not enough to win the trust of your potential customers.

Reviews on Trusted Resources

Not everybody trusts the reviews that your customers leave on your websites. That’s why it is important to ask your clients to leave their positive feedback on other resources. Ignoring this method is risky. The problem is that most people leave a review for a company if they are angry or upset. If your clients are happy, they are silent. That’s why there might be a bad disbalance between positive and negative feedback which is not even though your company might be fine.

To avoid this disbalance, it is recommended to ask actively every customer to share his/her experience on one of the external resources.

If your company was reviewed negatively, don`t ignore it. Do your best to resolve the conflict. If the customer is not right, make everything to prove that it was not your fault. And in any case, do your best to resolve any conflict openly and amicably. Then, those negative reviews might also serve you to improve your reputations and boost the ranking of your online resource.

Reviews from Customers

There are reputable third-party resources that are used by many people around the world. It is highly recommended to have at least a couple of reviews there. Thus, don’t hesitate to remind your clients unintrusively that it would be great if they can evaluate your business on Trustpilot, Google Business Reviews, or similar. Don’t forget to attach the link, otherwise, your happy customer might find leaving a review too troublesome.

Reviews from Employees

Yes, you understand it correctly. The meaning reputation market isn’t limited to customer feedback only. If your employees let the world know that your business is good to work for, it will boost your reputation. There are special resources, Glassdoor is one of them. It is always good for any company to have feedback online from their employees.

Go Social

Social networks are important for the majority of the population. Communicate with people there, share interesting and informative posts. Don’t concentrate on your brand only. Your profile shall be interesting, not dry and boring. Your content shall be inspirational, interesting, and call to people. Don’t forget to reply to all comments that your posts receive.

Pay Attention to SEO

SEO means a lot to any business that counts on presence online. In your case, SEO means paying attention to several factors:

Your Website Shall Be Pleasant to Surfe

Your website is the face of your business. There are several details you shall do if you want to provide the best experience to both your customers and search engines:

Optimize it for use on mobile devices. Statistics show that around 60% of your users will not appreciate it if they cannot access your site from a mobile.

Your site shall have a quick loading speed. If your site loads more than three seconds, it is too slow, you need to do something about it immediately. Most users will not wait longer but instead, they might switch to the next option which might be a resource of one of your competitors. One more reason to make your site load fast is its ranking in search. Google considers loading speed for ranking because it influences the user experience.

Invite your visitors to act but don’t be too pushy. Too many calls to action might be perceived as pushy and even arrogant. While non-intrusive suggestions to subscribe, to register, and so on, might motivate a visitor to do so.

Use Every Opportunity

Don’t limit yourself by the mentioned options only. A good blog not only builds reputation but helps to keep customers and interested people updated about your last news. Photo albums help to personalize the site and create a closer relationship with users. Great video with captions is always a reliable way to impress people and attract their attention to your products.

Getting a website or other online resource rank high in search results is the main aim of every website owner. Some people still believe that organizing a proper linkbuilding campaign is the only thing one needs to make the online resource rank high.

However, this is far from sufficient. There is one factor that can spoil even the best linkbuilding strategy. This factor is called bad backlinks. You need to know how to identify bad backlinks. Removing harmful links is also a crucial part of any SEO strategy.

What Are Bad Backlinks?

Though, before you start with looking for every bad backlink, let us check what actually are bad links. Not so long ago, Google and other engines counted just the quantity of all the available links to rank a resource. However, everything changed in 2012, when Google Penguin was introduced. This algorithm has changed the approach to linkbuilding practices completely.

Some links now can be classified as bad, unwished ones. They indicate to Google that you might be using unfair techniques to make your site rank. Google takes very strict measures and might either move your resource to the end of search results or even ban it. In any case, the consequences for your business will not be beneficial.

Links types that might lead to the penalties and the blocking of your resource are the following:

If your links are constantly used with some kind of an anchor that is excessively optimized: for example, if you have a gift store, and in every text, you post a link with the anchor «handmade gifts», Google will not like it. On itself, the anchor is fine, just don’t use it in every post, otherwise, it will be identified as suspicious.

How to Eliminate Unwished Links

Thus, we have checked why unwished links exist and what they are. Our aim is though to learn how to identify and remove bad backlinks. You might want to use a backlink checker to find bad backlinks. To do so, just provide the site URL. The tool starts searching. It generates a list with all the online sources that are linked to you. Their DA also will be shown.

Now, the most time-demanding part of the way. You would need to check every single link manually. Revise the content where this backlink is mentioned. Does it provide any value for your resource? If not, then, they shall not be there.

Don’t forget to check such a feature as the spam score of the resource where the links are detected. If it is above normal, your link there influences your rank in a negative way. And this is something you definitely don’t want to happen.

Websites with a very low Domain Authority might also be not the best option for you. However, check the content. Maybe you will like it and for some of such resources, you might even make an exception.

Now, when you have arranged everything to identify bad links, your aim is to eliminate them. For that, write to the website masters. Ask to eliminate the mentioned links from their site. Be polite. Don’t be too impatient, let them 5−10 days to reply to your request.

If a webmaster replies with a promise to eliminate your link, it can be perceived as a positive result only partially. Make sure to recheck after some time whether the link is still present. If it is not available anymore, your efforts have brought the wished results.

What shall you do though if webmasters did not reply? In that case, check bad links once more. They might have already eliminated the links and that’s it. If though this hasn’t happened, how to get rid of bad backlinks then? Send your mail once more and allow several days for the webmasters to reply. Still no result?

If your efforts to get in touch with the webmaster haven’t resulted in the wished links removal, you still have a solution. Send a request to Google to disavow the bad links you have detected.

To send such a request, compile the list of unwished links. Then, send this list by uploading it in a special tool called Google Disavow Links. That’s it, Google will never ever consider them for any ranking.

Final Thoughts

Thus, there are backlinks that are very positive to your SEO, and there are those that either don’t bring any value at all or even can influence the ranking of your site. Keep under constant control all that is happening with the links, all of them. Even though it might be time-demanding and laborious to look for bad links and eliminate them, but without this, even the most carefully linkbuilding strategy will never bring a wished result.

To increase the ranking and online visibility of a site, obtaining backlinks is mandatory. Assuming that the site’s content is great, many people will find it useful and worthy of being shared. Thus, eventually, the site will get links on different websites. These links are commonly referred to as organic links.

Contrastingly, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques aim at getting links in a more ‘artificial' way. Thus, it seems a little bit of a contradiction to think of how to get natural backlinks. In principle, these links are earned because of the good quality of the content.

Unfortunately, even the most awesome content may never be found by the pertinent audience without an SEO boost. It is generally accepted that the links that you pursue through SEO techniques are not natural. And natural links are always preferred. But the truth is that your site may never improve its ranking with natural links only. Competition for the top places in search lists is fierce.

Many SEO experts agree that natural backlinks are much better because they provide additional sources of information to the reader. Moreover, these links are commonly embedded in an anchor. Thus, they are an integrated part of the content that gives the link.

Thus, it would be interesting to pursue links that have the characteristics of natural ones. If you look for the characteristics of natural links, it is probably worthwhile getting links using some SEO techniques. Hence, below you will find some ideas of how to build backlinks naturally. Read them carefully. Who knows? Maybe some of those link building methods will be good for your website.

Different Techniques to Encourage Natural Backlinks

As has been said before, probably using these SEO techniques you will not be creating natural links. However, the links created in this way resemble very much the natural ones. So, consider applying the following methods.

Do not ask for links directly. Instead, offer to add value to the existing content of a blog or any other site. If you identify someone interested in your online content, you must reach out to them. Establish contact with the interested person and talk about placing a link to your web resources as a reference on their site. If your content adds value to them, rest assured you will get the link. Being a real source of information for the pertinent readers, the link you get will look very natural. Instead of creating awesome content and wait for someone to notice and refer it, you promote it. This is valid.

Write content for the people that may be interested in sharing it. Identify the sites that have already linked to your web resources and see what topics they would like to see. Then, create good and novel content that they will likely link to. For instance, you can create a blog with the latest news of your industry, for example. As in the previous case, the links you get with this method are indisputably natural.

You can also identify what are the hot topics in your niche and which sites may be interested in linking to them. Check what your competitors are writing and then create better content. However, if you do not get links, you must talk directly to the webmasters of the relevant sites. Direct their attention to your newly created content and explain it improves on previous posts from others.

Consider collaborating with influencers in your niche. Contact the people that are making disruptive contributions in your industry and create collaboration ties. For example, some companies have a section in which they feature news and reviews about their products or services. Thus, you can offer to write some content for that section. If they like the idea, you will have a fruitful collaboration that benefits both parties.

Interviewing influencers works very well to create content that will be linked by many sites. Before doing the interview you must do some research to get acquainted with the topic. Try to interview several influencers and get their opinions on a specific topic. Most likely than not, the interview will be linked by the influencers you got involved in it. This approach benefits everyone. The influencers get more exposure to the audience, and you get links for your site. Not just any links but natural links.

If you are looking for hot topics to write about, consult some Q&A sites like Quora:

Most people that ask how to create natural backlinks should use this method first. Finding the right topics is crucial for getting natural links. Another advantage of visiting this type of site (Q&A) is that you can meet some influencers to collaborate with.

To get natural links you have to create content in many different forms. You have to be very creative and use all the possible resources to convey your information. Create infographics, for example.

Now that the infographics were mentioned, it is worthwhile considering the creation of more visual content for your site. Videos and infographics are essential to attract interested people to your online resources. In this audience, there will be several webmasters eager to share your visual content. Thus, do not spare any effort to craft the best visual content out there. If you do not have the skills to do these tasks yourself, hire a graphic designer. The investment will pay off.

Use social media and other diffusion channels to let your audience know about your great content. Do not rely on emails only. Your email could simply be ignored. This is why you need to inform the relevant audience about your content using other channels. Check what the trending topics concerning your industry on Twitter. The conversations will provide very valuable information. Some of these conversations will give away the topics that most are interested in. Use this information to create targeted content.

Use social media channels to ask your contacts to share your content. Do not simply post information or tweet, but also encourage others to share the content. Avoid spamming people that may not be interested in your content though. Be selective and share your posts with people interested in the information you generate.

Be persistent. The techniques described above are guaranteed to work. However, there is no guarantee they will work on the first attempt. You have to use them constantly and apply them again and again. Do not be discouraged if you do not get results immediately. Most benefits come after a long time of trying. Remember, many factors have to be in perfect harmony: topic, audience, form, and channel.

These are some good ideas on how to make your backlinks look natural. In most cases, however, the links you get with these methods are natural. Or at least they have all the characteristics of natural links. Combine these natural link strategies with SEO methods to increase the visibility of your site. Diversifying is the key. Even though natural links are the most valuable, the competition is so fierce that SEO tactics are acceptable. Good luck with this endeavor!

It is spoken a lot about ways how to find competitors backlinks? Why might you ever need it? Learning something about competitors, especially those who have achieved something in the niche, is always useful. But finding competitors backlinks can also bring a lot of benefits to your SEO and, hence, the website ranking. This is already something, isn’t it?

Not every competitor deserves your attention. Those websites that rank low cannot deliver much use to you. The same can be told about the companies whose activities differ from yours.

Those companies that work in exactly the same niche and have already achieved some success are your target for researching on their link building strategies.

Thus, finding competitors backlinks is especially helpful if:

In the first case, the reason why you want to learn about competitors is crystal clear. They have already developed some strategies that bring success. You might check their anchors, keywords, research on which resources their links are placed, and use this knowledge to create your own anchors. You might even want to check the resources on which the competitor’s backlinks are located. It means that users there are interested in the same product or service that you are going to provide. Those users can become your clients if you offer something special or more beneficial.

If you see that an online resource of some company constantly takes the first place in the ranking, researching about their link building practices will be highly beneficial for you. Instead of checking, making mistakes, and so on, you can benefit from the practice of a different company that has already been proven as successful.

Make Sure You Choose Competitors Correctly

There are cases when people do everything correctly: they choose top companies that operate in the same niche. They check their links and find out on which resources these links are placed. Then, the content is created that might interest the users of those resources.

With it, everything stops. New traffic doesn’t come, the site doesn’t move up in ranking, rare visitors click on a couple your resource`s pages and leave your site.

What is going on? The thing is that the competitor was identified incorrectly. Even though the company might work in the same niche, you shall consider a lot of small details if you want to make the right decision. For example, if you run a cosmetic company and your supposed competitor, too, works in the same field, check what kind of cosmetics the company sells. If your focus is decorative cosmetics, and they work with cosmetics developed specifically to take care of hands, their anchors will not work for you. People who are interested in hand-care will click on them but as soon as they are moved to your site, they will leave it to never come back.

One more factor is geography. If you are a small company working locally make sure that you can indeed use all the sites for your linkbuilding campaign that international corporations use. For instance, a celebrity might not be interested in your product while buying similar products from a brand with a world-known name. It might also happen that for your environment, other anchors will be more appropriate, for example, those that contain specific keywords typical to that particular place only.

These are just a couple of examples. But from them, you can see that every detail is crucial.

It is not sufficient to know how to view competitors backlinks. Make an experiment. Select those competitors whose links you would like to find. How many of them will you find? Thousands! Even if your niche is very specific, the list will be immense. If competition in your sector is high, you might be even scared by the length of the list. It is difficult to imagine how you can analyze and check every link to find out whether it can be useful for your linkbuilding campaign.

Thus, don’t choose a lot of companies. We would say that selecting even ten major players is too much. What about choosing one or a maximum of two companies? But their rating shall be the highest among similar companies. Even in such a case, you will get a lot of results, thousands of them. But handling them with a proper tool will be possible.

There Are Special Tools to Assist You

Now, when you have determined the companies whose backlinks you would like to monitor, it is time to learn about how to check competitor backlinks.

There are useful tools to help such users find backlinks of competitors. You can pick any of them. You might want to choose one with the best interface. Some users prefer tools that provide top functionality. Some linkbuilders prefer cheaper or even free link checker tools while others would opt for a tool that is expensive but offers some specifics that are not provided by more affordable options. Thus, the choice is yours.

How to Use a Link Checker

To use any backlink checker, you shall perform standard steps:

How to Check Links and Use Them

It is not enough to find backlinks of competitors. You have done it for a purpose, thus, it is time to check your competitors backlinks.

Most users would pay attention to text links only. This is not correct. There are also image links, form links, and similar. Ignoring them is the worst thing you can do.

Now, it is time to use all those opportunities you have found out about. If you don’t know how to start, here is a short plan of possible actions:

If you find the links of a competitor on some forums, you might need to register there and start participating in discussions. Answer questions, provide expert advice, and people will start getting interested in you and your company. Once they need something that you offer, they will buy it from you because they know you as an expert.

Make Others Do All the Work for You

This linkbuilding strategy might look unfair. But let us look at it from a different point of view. All those sites where your competitors are posting links are open to the public and they have some value in your niche. If you make proper research, you will find them anyway sooner or later. Thus, why waste your valuable time if you can find them right now?

The other thing is that finding a site that is used by another company for their linkbuilding companies is not sufficient. You need to perform a lot of work to be able to place your backlink there. You need to create valuable content, to contact the site owners, to discuss with them the ways how you can get your resource linked to their sites, and similar.

If you can facilitate at least the initial stage — the one connected with the search for the places where you can get a link, why not use this opportunity? Make sure you do it properly, and soon, you will be able to compete at the same level as the best company in your field.

Nowadays, a business must have a solid presence on the Internet to grow and thrive. Investing in building a quality website is just the beginning. Later on, you should add some e-commerce tools to your site to increase the number of conversions.

There is another important factor to consider, the so-called search engine optimization (SEO) of your site. SEO techniques aim at increasing the visibility of your online resources. This is achieved by obtaining as many backlinks as possible.

The motivation is the fact that search engines give the top places on search lists to pages with the most backlinks. However, while in theory optimizing your site to appear on top the list is simple, in practice, it may not.

In principle you can get backlinks by creating exceptional content that other webmasters would like to refer to. This is, however, a difficult and time-consuming task. Moreover, if your site is not so authoritative and reputable in your niche, you will attract a few backlinks only.

This is why other SEO strategies are often applied to obtain backlinks faster and with less effort. This is the case of so-called directories, pages to which one can submit a URL to obtain backlinks.

Some of the best directories for backlinks include well-known sites such as Yelp. These links are readily available. You do not need to do anything too complicated to get those backlinks. It is almost sure you can get them. This is why missing the opportunity to benefit from them is not an option.

Reasons to Pursue Directory Backlinks

It is not a secret that the largest search engine (Google) emphasizes the importance of good directories. Being listed on a reputable directory (or business listing) is of importance for the ranking on this search engine. This alone is a good reason to pursue backlinks from the best link directories.

However, other reasons are not less important:

As seen, you invest little and obtain many benefits in return from these types of links. So, why not give them a try? You can start by getting backlinks from the best free web directories for SEO. Later, you can consider paid options if you deem it necessary.

Not All Directories for Backlinks Are Created Equal

You must know that not all directories out there on the web are good for an SEO backlink strategy. Thus, let us get acquainted with the directories that can give you useful links:

Most of these options give useful backlinks with a minimum investment in time and resources. Considering that most are free directories for backlinks, you should not miss the opportunity to use them. Consider listing your business details on directories of the different types mentioned above. Read on to know how to do it.

Building Useful Directory Backlinks

In principle, getting links from directories is not a big problem. You just need to search and find directories that accept submissions and give dofollow links. Then, select those to which it is most convenient to send your business information. Finally, submit your business listing including a link to your resources on the web.

That does not look like a complicated process, does it? Indeed. However, finding new directories requires a bit of dedication. You just have to use one of the two approaches for this goal. The first approach consists of using search tools. The second consists of using the directories to which your competitors submit their business listings.

Let us see the first option in detail. Here, you need to conduct online searches effectively. For this sake, you can use the «Inrul:» and «Intitle:» search operators. They will return sites that contain the keyword you type after the colon in the URL or title, respectively. Thus, use different keywords along with these search operators.

For the second approach, find out what directories your competitors' business listings are displayed on. This way, you will have a large list of relevant directories to post your business information. And you will have the list without investing much time and effort since your competitor already did so. You can use an online tool to monitor the SEO activities of your competitors and unveil the directories you are sending their information to.

Select the Best Directories for Your Site

After finding potential directories to submit your business information, you have to select the best ones. Do not start working on the submissions before you are completely sure that each directory will give your site a valuable backlink. Thus, to decide which directories are better, you can consider these criteria:

When you select the best directories for your site, then you can do directory submissions work.

Time to Send Your Business Information

At this point, you are almost done with the process. You just need to send your business listing to each directory. You can create a single listing with your correct and updated business data. Then, you submit it to all the directories. Do not forget to include the link to your business site along with other relevant data (name, address, contact information, etc.).

Some may still wonder, is directory submission good for SEO? Yes, it is.

Many companies prefer crowd marketing over any other way to promote a business and get more customers. What is crowd marketing though?

Let us explain it with an example. The influence of social platforms has become huge nowadays. Many companies use social networks to reach huge numbers of customers. For that, special strategies exist. Crowd marketing is one of such strategies.

If we had to provide a crowd marketing definition, it would sound as follows: crowd marketing is a marketing strategy that allows you to reach your potential customers via influencers.

Now, you might have a question about the mentioned influencer. Who can he/she be and how can you find him/her? This person can be somebody that has some weight in your niche. Otherwise, he/she can be a famous person, a celebrity. The main idea is that this person shall have a huge number of followers. Some thousands or even millions of them are the best if it is possible.

When we speak about crowding, we mean that you can make your products or services popular among the followers of the influencer with his/her assistance.

How Does Crowd Marketing Work?

Let us explain everything again as an example. We will check the major scenarios.

Crowd marketing through expert help

Register profiles or accounts of your company on relevant platforms and resources. Those can be some expert platforms in a specific niche, for example. If your aim is to work locally, consider geographical limitations. If you are going to work internationally or even globally, just specifically defined platforms are fine, it doesn’t matter for which location they are targeted.

There, you can start providing professional advice, publish guides, and provide consultations. Readers will check them and, step-by-step, they will start to associate the name of your business with those professional tips and expert advice that are given there. If the platform is business-specific, there are no random readers there. Those all are people who are interested in a particular product or service. If finally, they decide to order it, they will definitely give the preference to your company because they know that your business is an expert which they have been trusting all the time.

Crowd marketing with the assistance of a popular figure

If you decide to arrange your crowd marketing campaign via an influencer, say, on Facebook, the strategy is different. This option is suitable not for all products. A celebrity can advertise a cosmetics brand or something similar. But it is doubtful that such an approach will bring success to your business if you work with technical equipment.

In this case, you look for a profile that is perfect for such a purpose. The person might be not known in wide circles but he/she has a lot of followers who might be interested in your business. You contact the person and offer a particular payment for advertising services. This celebrity is free to live as he/she is used to, however, for the payment, the person needs to mention your products from time to time. You shall agree on all the conditions up to the frequency with which your company shall be mentioned.

His/her followers will see that he/she uses your products and will also want to try them. Your advertisement starts working and brings the first results.

Crowd marketing through content distribution

To use this strategy, you will need valuable content, a lot of it. Try to use as many distribution channels as you can. There are plenty of them: blogs, youtube, guest posting, forums, and similar.

Users that are interested in your products will be checking it: all the content that you have distributed across different channels. If it provides valuable information to them, they will start checking the links which will direct users to your resource. Further, they will decide whether they buy your product.

Crowd Marketing Has Many Benefits

Crowd marketing comes with several benefits that either are not available with other campaigns or are not so visible. The main of them are logical, judging from the approach to marketing:

Note though that these benefits don’t appear just from nowhere. Whatever you are doing, make sure you provide some feedback to all the comments, questions, or whatever. Communication assumes two parties at least, and in this case, you are the one who has started everything. Don’t leave a single comment without a response.

Ways to Organize Your Crowd Marketing Campaign

There are several ways to organize the entire campaign. The first one is, probably, the most demanding, but it will allow you to make sure everything is done as you want it. Do it yourself. If you work with some companions, you can share with them the responsibilities.

The advantage of this method is evident: every step will be done according to your strategy, ideas, and whatever else. Any cons? Plenty of them! You will be busy constantly, day and night, at the weekends and during the holidays. Moreover, are you sure that you know how to do everything that is related to crowd marketing?

Another option is to hire freelancers. There are plenty of specialists ready to do this job for you at a reasonable price.

The third option is to use special tools. Check out some digital apps and plugins. Even if they don’t do all the work, they can still perform the main activities, and you can handle the rest.

Final Thoughts

Whatever definitions you give, crowd marketing is an amazing and very powerful tool to make you famous. Traffic will boost and search engines love such popularity.

Before you can get an answer to the question «what are PBN links?» some background is needed. One of the most successful ways to have more customers for your business is having an online presence. The Internet offers many opportunities for your business to grow and thrive. Creating a website is the first step. Then, you can leverage several e-commerce technologies to improve its performance.

However, all these strategies will be fruitless if your message does not reach your intended audience. You need people to visit your website, people that are potential customers. In technical terms, you need to generate traffic. And for this sake, being visible is critical. Search engines help your online content to reach a wider audience. But it is not so simple.

When somebody is interested in a product or service in your niche, he or she can do an online search. The results of the said search are presented as a list. However, the different sites on the list do not occupy a random place. They are ranked according to some criteria.

One of the most used criteria is the number of backlinks that each site has. Let us elaborate. A backlink is given to a site when its content is deemed useful and/or important by a different site’s webmaster. It is a reference, a type of recommendation, so to speak. It is generally accepted that the more backlinks that a site has, the more useful and trustworthy its content is.

Thus, for site owners, getting these types of links is crucial. There is a vast array of methods aimed to create said links. All of them are referred to as search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. The most intuitive way to get these links is by creating excellent content that many will want to refer to.

However, the number of links obtained by creating excellent content can be very modest. Moreover, it will take a lot of time and effort to give some results. And the competition is fierce. Firms pay different specialists to create many of these links within a short time. After all, you cannot wait too long to start making a profit out of your online content, can you?

There are different SEO methods, ranging from legit ones like writing guest posts, to utterly spamming tactics. It is convenient to always stick to legit techniques. Otherwise, your site may end up being blacklisted. This would have exactly the inverse effect of what you intended.

A Private Blog Network (PBN) Is an Effective SEO Method

A private blog network (PBN) is simply an array of sites dedicated to link building. Thus, PBN links are either given by the members of the network to a single site. Commonly, all the websites that form a PBN are authoritative ones. And most importantly, these PBN sites do not link to each other to avoid appearing as related. Otherwise, it will look as if a user is linking to his or her content.

Thus, with a large PBN, a site can get many links to increase its position on search lists. The use of PBN has been controversial. Some people regard it as a black hat method. Others regard PBNs as effective tools to create links in a legit way. However, some search engines frown on the use of PBNs and impose penalties on sites applying this technique.

Independently of the controversy, the truth is that PBN links SEO work. Therefore, they continue being used to boost the ranking of commercial sites. If you are interested in applying this technique, read on. There is a detailed discussion about the way these networks work and how they can benefit your firm.

How a PBN Strategy Works

As mentioned before, a PBN must include authoritative sites only. Otherwise, it will not work. Authoritative means a site that has a good reputation for a search engine. It will be much more valuable when such sites link to your content. Otherwise, it will be suspicious if unknown websites appear to be giving you many links.

Now, the key question is, how can one recruit several authoritative sites for a PBN? You probably can convince one or two webmasters, but not more than that. And a few links will not do a significant impact on your site’s ranking. Well, there is a way to do it.

Every year, there are thousands of domains that are left without renewing its hosting subscription. Thus, the domain simply expires and is somehow abandoned. This happens for many different reasons. Some websites were made for a very specific purpose, like advertising an event. So, when the event is over, the website does not need to be kept «alive.»

Some estimates put the number of expired sites as high as 50 thousand per year. Many of them have a respectable number of backlinks and they are considered authoritative. Acquiring those domains provides the perfect sites to establish a PBN. Now, you know the secret. You need to buy sites with good metrics for this purpose.

Choosing the Right Online Resources for a PBN

At this point, another important question arises. How can you select the sites that can be used for this technique? It was mentioned to choose those with good metrics. But, what does that exactly mean? It is important to define what types of sites you should purchase. So, here are some criteria that will help you to select the right online resource:

There are different tools to analyze the above metrics. Most of them work fine, so there will be no specific recommendation for a particular SEO tool. However, before you buy a domain for a PBN, make sure that the number of backlinks is at least one per referring domain. Otherwise, the future performance may not be as good as you expected it.

Building Your PBN with the Selected Online Resources

It is time to start talking about how to build PBN links. First, you have to know where to look for suitable domains. There are two types of domains that you can purchase. The first type is an expired domain. This is a domain that once existed and it is now available for registration from any registrar. The second type is an expiring domain. In this case, the domain hosting subscription has expired, but it can be bought from the same registrant.

It is advisable to buy the second type of domain only. This way, the domain will not appear as a brand new site. Remember, you need authoritative sites, which already have several years operating since they were originally registered. Thus, the best way for you to purchase an expiring domain is through a broker.

Once you have enough domains to create a PBN, you have to find hosting places for them. Make sure you use different hosting accounts. Otherwise, a search engine can realize that all those domains have the same owner. However, this should not be a big problem. There are many web hosting options available. Most of them are quite affordable.

Next, you have to set up a website for each domain. You can keep the theme of the site or come up with a new one. You must be creative so a search engine will not detect the site belongs to a PBN. Finally, you have to start creating content for the sites of the network. In that content, you will give links to your business site.

«You place my link, and I will place your link»: this strategy seems to be a solution to linkbuilding issues or rather to the issue where to find a resource to place links. Now, you understand what reciprocal links are.

However, what do search engines think about reciprocal links SEO? Do they like or hate them? Let us check in details.

What Is Reciprocal Link in SEO and Whether It Is Permitted

It might seem that the practice of getting reciprocal link in SEO is something very nice. However, Google is against it. Now, we will explain to you why so.

Now, when you know what is reciprocal link in SEO and why it is not welcomed by search engines, you might think that they are just bad. However, not everything is that simple, as it the case with links.

There are no proofs that reciprocal links are efficient or not for optimization purposes. But there are certain criteria that matter for effective linkbuilding. If your links comply with them, even if they are reciprocal, your website ranking will be improved.

Relevant Links Are Important

Now, the matter is not in what is a reciprocal link and what isn’t. If your link leads to valuable relevant content, it will be never, most likely, removed, and search engines will not mind it.

For instance, if you are posting a link in a blog or on a website, and its content doesn’t have anything in common with your niche, it is clear that something is wrong. However, if your link comes with relevant content, nobody really cares how you got it.

Thus, if you have a website that is about trips, you shall contact for reciprocal links the owners of websites or blogs that are about transportation, maybe hotels, or some related topics. They might be interested in letting their readers know about your products and services as long as they are related to something they do.

Links Shall Lead to Updated Content

Nobody will ever link you and nobody will follow your link if it leads to the content that is 100 years old. Make sure all your content is up-to-date and update it constantly. It shall be interesting and relevant to the audience of the resource where you are placing your link. Then only, they will click on it and stay for a while on your site.

Otherwise, even if you get a couple of reciprocal links, they will be removed soon. Even if not, users will be leaving your site immediately after opening it. It is detected by search engines, too, and alarms them that something wrong is going on.

SEO Metrics Matters

If somebody agrees to place your link in exchange for the same favor from your side, checking their SEO metric might seem odd. Even though it might be not a priority but you should check it though. When building your campaign, you will deal with hundreds if not thousands of websites. That’s why you might want to know which of them are the priority and which can wait until you are ready with more urgent things.

Monitor Backlinks will help you to find out all the details about the links of your competitors and the ranking of the resources that are linked to them. They might be interested in posting your links, too, as long as they are in the same niche.

This tool will provide you with one more kind of information. It can detect for you broken links. If you are interested in posting your link on the resource, you can contact the webmaster and offer him/her to replace the broken link with yours. It is beneficial for both parties, thus, in the majority of cases, your offer will be accepted gladly.

How to Get Reciprocal Links

Now when the question «What is reciprocal link?» is clear, you might be wondering how to get reciprocal links. Of course, the most evident way is to get in touch with some of your friends who have a website or a blog and offer them a deal. They place your links, and you, in return, place their links. Will that work though? We have explained already that if their sites are relevant to your niche and if your links provide some value to their readers, those will be just normal links. They are good for both you and your friend, and thus, why not offering your friend a deal?

However, to make your website visible, you need to be linked to thousands of websites. We doubt you have thousands of friends to exchange links with them. Hence, a different strategy is needed. We want to warn you from the very start: never contact a website owner with a deal offer like you would do with your friend. To start with, reciprocal linking is forbidden by Google, so, it is better to avoid being too direct about it.

You can get your valuable links in a different way. Look for reputable websites in your niche and start placing links to them in your content. With time, the owners of those websites will notice that. If your content is relevant and valuable to them, you might start getting links to your site, too. This strategy requires time and effort. But in the long run, links acquired in such a way, will serve you longer and will influence the ranking of your site positively.

Final Thoughts

Reciprocal linking is still a very controversial topic. On one side, it is forbidden by Google. On the other side, everything depends on many other factors. For instance, if your link has been placed on a reputable resource in a response to your linking to the resource, can it be considered reciprocal? If your links provide value to the site owner and boost the other person`s site ranking, it is a good way to get some benefits, too. The conclusions are as follows: your reciprocal linking can bring you the maximum and boost your site ranking only if your links comply with a number of other requirements.

Niche backlinks differ from generic links greatly. Their main difference is that they aren’t aimed at every user. They are created for your target audience only, for those people who are interested in your business and might become your clients or business partners very soon.

Google and other search engines value such links, thus, they will definitely reward you for such an effort: the creation of niche specific backlinks. Your website will not appear everywhere. You will find it there on the web where it is more profitable for your business.

So, niche specific backlinks seem to be something useful indeed for SEO and the ranking of your online resource. Now, it is needed to find out how to create the best links for your site.

Research Every Detail about the Niche You Are Going to Work in

This sounds simple but it still might cost a lot of effort. Research your niche very carefully. Of course, if you have already started a niche-specific business it means that you know specific demands and you are sure that you might get customers rather soon. Now, it is time to learn about their tastes regarding the web. What words and phrases do they use to search for the things they need online? It is a huge piece of work, and the earlier you start with it, the better it is for your business.

Check what they are sharing in social networks. Some of them might ask questions about the niche. These interactions will provide you with valuable information for the creation of your niche related backlinks of top quality.

To make links relevant to the needed niches, you shall consider content, too. Let us take two niches: freelancing and gardening. Freelancers will be more interested in new platforms, tools, technologies to facilitate their work and make it more efficient. Gardeners, on the contrary, will read some tips, instructions, guides and they will be interested in photos and videos in your blog.

Learn Everything about Your Competitors

It is clear that you might have researched the market properly. You know their names, their pros and cons, their history, and similar. But for a good marketing campaign, this information is not enough anymore. Do you know what anchors for links they use? And what about the links that bring them more traffic?

Now, the question «how to make niche related backlinks?» has moved to a completely different level. You need to know not only products and customers of your main competitors, but its website, keywords, anchors, and links. Without a special tool, learning it all would be impossible.

The good thing that nowadays, there are plenty of tools that allow you to analyze the website of any company, determine what keys and clusters they use for a specific location, and whether it works for them. Those tools are:

It looks like now, everything is arranged and studied. You know everything about what makes a good linkbuilding strategy. As well, you know where you can be constantly getting ideas and information from. However, are you sure that you know everything? What about your own business?

Learn Everything about Your Own Business

There are so many businessmen that have been moving in the wrong direction just because they didn’t know their business enough. For example, if your company is about website development, you might know that there are so many of them around. Thus, you need to find a very specific angle, some unique focus for your company.

For instance, you might be developing websites for small online shops. Or your focus might be on big corporations with complex security measures, and similar. Website development is a very general topic. But if you are specializing in the development and implementation of complex e-commerce platforms, you can talk about a very specific niche.

This will help you to avoid placing the wrong links. For example, you might believe that your main competitor is a web developer who works with non-profit organizations. However, this is a completely different niche, thus, the backlinks will be absolutely different. You can be sure that the links of that company will be of no use to you.

There is one more benefit of having a specific angle. You can move freely in the world of competition. Moreover, you can collaborate with other companies in the niche to get more clients, both for them and for you. what about exchanging an opportunity with a different web-development service to place links on the website of each other? Now, your task is to find where to get free backlinks for my website niche" and start working on your linkbuilding needs.

Long before Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks existed, people use to communicate online using forums. Nowadays, over 25 years after their appearance, forums enjoy less popularity among common people. Nevertheless, forums are still of a big interest in search engine optimization (SEO).

Why so? Why are forums important for SEO? The main reason is that you can still create dofollow links on many forums. Only this type of backlink helps to improve the ranking of a site. Thus, the most important thing to exploit this opportunity is to identify the potential forums for backlinks.

A forum is a virtual place on the Internet that allows people to converse. Generally, forum discussions are centered on a specific topic. If you want to join the conversation, then you have to get a forum membership and create a personal profile.

Not all the forums are good for this purpose though. To identify a forum backlinks SEO, it is useful to be acquainted with the different types of forums out there:

Out of these types, only message boards, public and private, give you forum backlinks. However, the majority of well-known forums do not give backlinks. No problem. You still can find many forums that do.

Forums Are Still a Good Source of Backlinks

Participating in a forum still can get you some useful links for SEO. You should use forums since they have additional benefits for your website. For example, they increase its visibility because of the many potential visitors you can find on a forum. You have to be an active member so you can get their attention though.

There is another good thing about forums. You can make good contacts with important people in your niche. You know what this means. Eventually, you can negotiate a backlink swap with their sites. Or they can help you to grow your business in other ways. Even if you cannot use forum profile backlinks in this case, such an option will definitely help you in many things, including it will serve for SEO purposes.

But then again, you should avoid forums that are already dead or that they are not connected to your business. They simply will give no valuable links and anyway nobody uses them anymore. Some other forums give nofollow links only. Those links are not used directly for SEO but they can assist you greatly in creating brand awareness and informing people about your offer. Also, no-follow links still lead people to a particular site, thus, you can increase your traffic by using them. Do not forget that you can use nofollow links as second-tier links, too, and this strategy already can have a direct impact on SEO.

Thus, quality backlinks forum SEO must be connected to your business first of all. Second, the forum must have a good number of active user profiles. And, it should give you the type of links that help to increase your ranking and visibility on the web.

How to Find the Right Forums

The first step to find backlinks in forum is finding the relevant ones for your business. Otherwise, you would be just wasting time by posting in forums that have nothing to do with your niche. Thus, use forums that have a focus on your industry. Or, check whether the forum has at least one subforum devoted to the theme of your business.

You can perform Google searches to find the most relevant forums for your business. Use different keywords to uncover the forums that can potentially give you the links you need. What’s more, you can use the competitor module of the ‘Monitor Backlinks' online software tool. You could possibly uncover forums that Google failed to find for you.

Final Thoughts

To make your website rank high, all types of links can be used and are used. Even if you cannot post links on a forum, you can use the resource to increase your visibility and brand awareness for your product. If you manage to let people know about your product or services, the reputable resources might start looking for an opportunity to post your links.

Thus, use not only forums and not only dofollow links. Use everything that can improve the ranking of your resource.

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