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What are PBN Links?

Before you can get an answer to the question «what are PBN links?» some background is needed. One of the most successful ways to have more customers for your business is having an online presence. The Internet offers many opportunities for your business to grow and thrive. Creating a website is the first step. Then, you can leverage several e-commerce technologies to improve its performance.

However, all these strategies will be fruitless if your message does not reach your intended audience. You need people to visit your website, people that are potential customers. In technical terms, you need to generate traffic. And for this sake, being visible is critical. Search engines help your online content to reach a wider audience. But it is not so simple.

When somebody is interested in a product or service in your niche, he or she can do an online search. The results of the said search are presented as a list. However, the different sites on the list do not occupy a random place. They are ranked according to some criteria.

One of the most used criteria is the number of backlinks that each site has. Let us elaborate. A backlink is given to a site when its content is deemed useful and/or important by a different site’s webmaster. It is a reference, a type of recommendation, so to speak. It is generally accepted that the more backlinks that a site has, the more useful and trustworthy its content is.

Thus, for site owners, getting these types of links is crucial. There is a vast array of methods aimed to create said links. All of them are referred to as search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. The most intuitive way to get these links is by creating excellent content that many will want to refer to.

However, the number of links obtained by creating excellent content can be very modest. Moreover, it will take a lot of time and effort to give some results. And the competition is fierce. Firms pay different specialists to create many of these links within a short time. After all, you cannot wait too long to start making a profit out of your online content, can you?

There are different SEO methods, ranging from legit ones like writing guest posts, to utterly spamming tactics. It is convenient to always stick to legit techniques. Otherwise, your site may end up being blacklisted. This would have exactly the inverse effect of what you intended.

A Private Blog Network (PBN) Is an Effective SEO Method

A private blog network (PBN) is simply an array of sites dedicated to link building. Thus, PBN links are either given by the members of the network to a single site. Commonly, all the websites that form a PBN are authoritative ones. And most importantly, these PBN sites do not link to each other to avoid appearing as related. Otherwise, it will look as if a user is linking to his or her content.

Thus, with a large PBN, a site can get many links to increase its position on search lists. The use of PBN has been controversial. Some people regard it as a black hat method. Others regard PBNs as effective tools to create links in a legit way. However, some search engines frown on the use of PBNs and impose penalties on sites applying this technique.

Independently of the controversy, the truth is that PBN links SEO work. Therefore, they continue being used to boost the ranking of commercial sites. If you are interested in applying this technique, read on. There is a detailed discussion about the way these networks work and how they can benefit your firm.

How a PBN Strategy Works

As mentioned before, a PBN must include authoritative sites only. Otherwise, it will not work. Authoritative means a site that has a good reputation for a search engine. It will be much more valuable when such sites link to your content. Otherwise, it will be suspicious if unknown websites appear to be giving you many links.

Now, the key question is, how can one recruit several authoritative sites for a PBN? You probably can convince one or two webmasters, but not more than that. And a few links will not do a significant impact on your site’s ranking. Well, there is a way to do it.

Every year, there are thousands of domains that are left without renewing its hosting subscription. Thus, the domain simply expires and is somehow abandoned. This happens for many different reasons. Some websites were made for a very specific purpose, like advertising an event. So, when the event is over, the website does not need to be kept «alive.»

Some estimates put the number of expired sites as high as 50 thousand per year. Many of them have a respectable number of backlinks and they are considered authoritative. Acquiring those domains provides the perfect sites to establish a PBN. Now, you know the secret. You need to buy sites with good metrics for this purpose.

Choosing the Right Online Resources for a PBN

At this point, another important question arises. How can you select the sites that can be used for this technique? It was mentioned to choose those with good metrics. But, what does that exactly mean? It is important to define what types of sites you should purchase. So, here are some criteria that will help you to select the right online resource:

  • You have to pay attention to the number of referring domains it has. This is the number of sites that link to the online resource you are interested in. If the number of referring domains is below 30, refrain from buying it;
  • Likewise, you have to find out the number of backlinks the online resource has. The more, the better. However, do not get confused with the previous metric. A referring domain can give several backlinks. Thus, make sure to identify where the backlinks originate. Additionally, you must check whether the backlinks to the online resource are quality ones. Forum posts and blog comments, for instance, are not that good;
  • Spamming history of the online resource. You must be sure that the domain you are interested in has never been used for spamming. Otherwise, you may be buying a domain that is already blacklisted.

There are different tools to analyze the above metrics. Most of them work fine, so there will be no specific recommendation for a particular SEO tool. However, before you buy a domain for a PBN, make sure that the number of backlinks is at least one per referring domain. Otherwise, the future performance may not be as good as you expected it.

Building Your PBN with the Selected Online Resources

It is time to start talking about how to build PBN links. First, you have to know where to look for suitable domains. There are two types of domains that you can purchase. The first type is an expired domain. This is a domain that once existed and it is now available for registration from any registrar. The second type is an expiring domain. In this case, the domain hosting subscription has expired, but it can be bought from the same registrant.

It is advisable to buy the second type of domain only. This way, the domain will not appear as a brand new site. Remember, you need authoritative sites, which already have several years operating since they were originally registered. Thus, the best way for you to purchase an expiring domain is through a broker.

Once you have enough domains to create a PBN, you have to find hosting places for them. Make sure you use different hosting accounts. Otherwise, a search engine can realize that all those domains have the same owner. However, this should not be a big problem. There are many web hosting options available. Most of them are quite affordable.

Next, you have to set up a website for each domain. You can keep the theme of the site or come up with a new one. You must be creative so a search engine will not detect the site belongs to a PBN. Finally, you have to start creating content for the sites of the network. In that content, you will give links to your business site.