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Crowd links
Crowd links
Manually place links on niche relevant forums with traffic
Link exchange
Link exchange
500+ reasonably priced websites in different niches and direct prices from webmasters
Your websiteu2019s reputation management on the first page of Google Search Results
Connecting you website and brand with influencers and bloggers from high DR/DA websites
PBN sites
PBN sites
Building niche relevant PBNs from scratch price starting from $ 130 per site
Backlinks Strategy
Backlinks Strategy
Will audit your backlinks profile and create a 6 month development strategy
Digital agencies, SEO specialists and internet marketers use our service
Links and reviews posted every month for our customers
Websites in our databasenon different topics, geography and languages

Why Should You Buy High Quality Backlinks from Us?

You have developed a wonderful website, invested in content, done on-page SEO optimization, but it still ranks lower than competitors’ websites. Sounds familiar? Most likely, the issue is that you don’t have enough high-authority backlinks pointing to your website. That’s why your website ranks below top-10 in Google SERPs. That’s where Links-stream comes in. When you buy high quality links to your website from forums, thematic blogs, news websites, Q&A websites, local catalogs, and social networks, you get:
Target Audiencehigh
When your useful articles are published on thematic blogs or news resources, you donu2019t just get back links. Valuable content will also attract your target audience to your site.
Diverse Link Profile
Quality backlinks help you to achieve your SEO targets. With a diverse link profile, Google will recognize that you are an authoritative resource. Take the lead in your niche!
Better Ranking
Managed growth of the number of links will help you get into the TOP 10 in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.
Traffic Growth
Smart linkbuilding strategies will help your website traffic to double in just 2-3 months.
Brand Awareness Growth
Mentions on authority resources and feedback from real visitors influence the company image positively: this will boost your company's brand awareness both online and offline.
Improvement Indexation
Links help to speed up the indexation of your website by search engines. Usually, Google will find and index your backlinks with no input needed on your end. Just sit back and watch your siteu2019s authority grow!

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Commission according to the rates of your bank
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Alex 19.07.21
My impressions are positive!
I made a trial order for placing links. My impressions are positive! The guys made a competent selection of relevant sites. We created natural comment...
star star star star star
Mark 08.07.20
I ordered 10 sites the first time but after a while upgraded to a custom solution. It’s
definitely worth a try, especially if you’re not using PBNs fo...
star star star star star
John 08.07.20
Five stars
Everything was done for me - a completely effort-free process. Five stars.
star star star star star
Ivy 08.07.20
I recommend
Ranking as an online retailer can’t be any harder these days. So, I make sure to only use
services that I trust and that deliver results. For a few ye...
star star star star star
George 08.07.20
Very good work
If you’ve heard bad stories about PBN link-building, forget everything. This platform
changed it all for me.
star star star star star
David 19.07.21
Very convenient and efficient!
I ordered a package of links on the topic of Fishing. All wishes in the brief, additional questions were clearly coordinated and fulfilled. Each step ...
star star star star star
Chris 08.07.20
I recommend it all cool
The option to hide desktop icons and add margins to screenshots is super nice. The annotation tools are intuitive and being able to drag from the tool...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need backlinks?

If you want to get in the TOP 10 of Google SERPs for the main commercial keywords in your niche, you need high-quality back links. When you buy links, you make the natural link mass of the website grow, and the search engine ranking of the website grows as well. Finally, the website ends up ranking in TOP 10 Google.

Why might you need to purchase links?

Most likely, you will not get into the TOP 10 Google results if you don’t have links. Getting to the top of the search results otherwise can take a lot of time. Therefore, if you want to get the maximum out of SEO efforts, you need high-quality links and a quality link profile.

Does Google like paid links?

Google aims to reduce the influence of backlinks on the website ranking in search results. Head engineers in Google tell webmasters and SEO specialists not to buy links. However, purchasing high-quality, white-hat back links will not diminish your site’s authority - on the contrary, the authority will improve!

How can I get natural backlinks?

The main way to get natural links is to create quality content. Other sites will want to link to you due to your content’s great quality. However, this option might only work if you have an informational blog with unique expert content that is relevant to other users. Then, users will be willing to share it. It is difficult to achieve such a result in a commercial domain if you don’t have an .edu domain. The solution is in buying backlinks, pay money for PR and hope to receive links from it, and place links on forums and other open resources.

What is the price for backlinks?

It is impossible to come with an exact answer to this question. We can assure you that good-quality links cannot cost less than $6. Many sellers offer backlinks that are placed with special software. Outreach might cost $10-20. The price is very attractive, of course. But the result will be negative, most likely. A high-quality link from a thematic forum will cost $8 and up. An average price for high-quality outreach backlinks from trusted resources starts at $105+. You can learn about prices for links on our website. Also, you can get a free consultation there.

What factors impact backlink prices?

The average price for backlinks depends on many factors, such as the type (outreach, links from forums, Q&A websites, PNB, links from Quora and Reddit), website traffic, the number of keywords in search, SEO parameters, resource authority, region, language, and more. One of the main factors is the traffic of the website from which you want to buy backlinks for SEO, as well as the dynamics of the traffic growth. If the traffic of the donor website is dropping drastically, it is an indicator that there is something wrong with the website.

Other important SEO parameters include the following: DR (Ahrefs), backlinks to domain (Ahrefs), outcoming links (Ahrefs), TF and CF (Majestic SEO), and DA (MOZ). The number of pages in the Google index is also an important factor. If the donor website places links on black-hat websites or websites with forbidden topics, it will have a negative impact.

Outsourcing of linkbuilding - is it a good practice?

Linkbuilding is an everyday procedure that requires a lot of time, experience, special services, personal practice, knowledge about search engine algorithms, content marketing, SEO, and many other things. You can learn about linkbuilding independently, as well as how to search for websites to place backlinks. After that, you should perform a detailed manual analysis, outreach to webmasters, and to assure content quality for publications. It takes a lot of time, especially if you don’t have experience and an SEO team. And the final result might be very disappointing, often perceived by Google as black hat SEO and thus leading to manual penalties. Thus, when you outsource the back link purchase, you save a lot of time on SEO and will be able to buy backlinks of high quality that will be definitely useful for your website.

How do you buy links?

The first stage is filling in a brief. You indicate backlink types and the number that you want to buy. You also describe the topic, the region for website marketing, and requirements for donor websites. Then, a personal manager gets in touch with you with the price estimate. You pay for the service in one of the most convenient ways for you. As soon as the payment is made, we start working on the project.

What are the features of high-quality backlinks?

A backlink is considered to be a quality one if it is placed in a unique and useful article or in the content published in a trusted theme blog, resource, or news website. The donor site has good traffic, a website URL, a good number of pages in Google index, and the main SEO metrics:  DR (Ahrefs), backlinks to the domain (Ahrefs), outcoming backlinks (Ahrefs), TF and u0421F (Majestic SEO), and DA (MOZ). The donor website should not be filled with spam or have any links to black-hat and suspicious websites. A link can be considered to be of high quality if the donor website complies with all the aforementioned criteria.

Do you need backlinks in 2021 at all?

Google introduced the Penguin algorithm in 2012. It was created to fight purchased backlinks and spam links. The algorithm has been updated several times, but still, even with it, the aim was not achieved. Penguin taught webmasters to create websites` link profiles more wisely. Now, one should be more careful when deciding to buy backlinks for SEO and learn everything about how to purchase back links. If somebody tells you that links don`t work nowadays, don’t trust them. Backlinks work; you just need to know how to make them work!