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Links Stream is a linkbuilding agency

We post links and outreach (blogs, media), grow PBN. In addition, make a reference audit of client's website, analyze competitors in a niche, draw up a link building strategy.

Making link building 2.0 - we take into consideration referral traffic, the percentage of failures, the relevant of topics, total references per page, indexing pages and another 23 factors.

It is in the complex = sites benefits, the promotion of low- to middle-frequency queries and additional traffic. In addition, such link building often resulting leads and selling.

We often hear - "How to justify the client that he needs to order links from you?" Our answer to this question:
Svetlana Velichko, the head of the Links-stream

  • All the projects are performed by people - without using software for automatic registration, posting, mailing, etc.
  • Flexibility in dealing – all suggestions are discussed and determined — placing on your sites, text agreement, donors selection according to your requirements, etc.
  • You don't deal with the bot or helpdesk. Living account man on the line, respond within 15 mnt.
  • Each project is checked according to the “four eyes” principle – ink builders are checked by the project manager, who is also in touch with the client. Managers are supervised by administrator.
  • Don't involve freelancers or contractors, and therefore deadlines won’t be foiled, higher usability, and you not waste our time on the project work controls.
  • We use only paid software in our work and keep a brand when selecting donors — Ahrefs, Moz Checker.
  • We give adequate value for links and discounts for regular wholesale customers.

Written above - beautiful words, it's time win the hearts of numbers fans :)

  • 3 years of practical work.
  • 20 000 links per month.
  • 600-650 projects in work every month.
  • 40 people with experience between six months and two years
  • 150 regular clients – SEO-agencies and optimizers, webmasters
  • 60 000 views on Searchengines and 30 reviews
  • 6 languages: Russian, English, German, Spanish, Polish, French (to be continued)
  • 5 cases in the blog
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