Service payment policy

1. General Provisions

1.1. Links-Stream account can be registered in 4 currencies: UAH, USD, EUR, GBP.

1.2. Account currency is selected once upon registration without the possibility to change it if you want to work in another currency - register a new account.

1.3. By registering on the service, you give us the authority to replenish your account balance using payment systems, and also manage your account balance for the selected services. The paid product is non-refundable. because it is intangible. Registration on the site means full acceptance of these terms of service.
This rule does not apply to the case when one of the parties (webmaster) violated the terms of purchase of services and removed the content paid by the advertiser within 1 year after publication.

1.4. Payment operations of the service are carried out in the currency of your choice when registering an account.
For mutual settlements between the advertiser and the webmaster, the USD is selected as the main currency - if the currencies in the accounts do not match, the service converts funds from the advertiser's account at the cross-rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of the transfer.

2. Withdraw funds

2.1. An advertiser who for any reason has made a decision to withdraw funds from an account is subject to standard rules for withdrawing funds from the service (10% of the amount + commission of the corresponding payment system). The service reserves the right not to satisfy advertisers' requests for withdrawal of funds in case of violation of the rules of the service.

2.2. To withdraw funds, the webmaster makes an application for the service.

2.3. Withdrawals are carried out automatically from 16:00 to 18:00 Kiev time (GMT +3) on weekdays.
Withdrawal requests made after 4:00 pm are reviewed and paid out on the next business day (orders left after 4:00 pm on Friday will be paid on Monday).

2.4. Funds are paid to the payment system that corresponds to the account currency.
The payment systems corresponding to your chosen currency are indicated in your personal account.

2.5. Minimum withdrawal amounts:

2.5.1. from an account in US dollars - 56 USD

2.5.2. from an account in euros - 50 EUR

2.5.3. from an account in pounds - 40 GBP

3. Links-Stream fees

3.1. 10% when ordering the selected services by the advertiser

3.2. 10% upon successful closing of the transaction by the webmaster

Withdrawing funds using a particular payment system entails additional corresponding fees.

You can choose the optimal solution from several payment systems in a currency convenient for you.

All information about commissions is in your personal account.