20.12.2022, Vladislava

Fintech startup in TOP for 5 months Worldwide (+600% traffic)

Five months ago, we were contacted by a fintech startup that issues credit and debit cards with unique conditions, as well as processes payments for legal entities.

The client came to us with the following task:

  • to be in the top worldwide in English for its debit and credit products
  • increase the coverage of information semantics in the blog

What strategy was chosen by us:

  1. To diversify the link profile, we chose submits, which were mainly placed on the main page, in total about 200 pieces. 
  2. We also used crowd links on very thematic financial forums. Due to the fact that our client is a real fintech product, we had no problems with posting and discussion on the forums. Users were really interested in the product and discussed it. In total, 75 crowd-links were placed.
  3. Another type of links we used was Quora. About 20 thematic discussions about the product were created on Quora. I must say that this type of links also brought a lot of traffic to the client.
  4. To improve ranking for the most difficult queries, we chose outreach. Only 10 links were placed, as the client's budget was very limited.

Number of links to the domain before the start of work:

The number of links to the domain at the moment:

That's the result we got:

  1. Increase search traffic to the site MORE THAN SIX TIMES!
    Traffic to the site before the start of work
    Traffic for today:
  2. The number of keywords in the TOP-10 Google has increased SIX TIMES!

    Number of keywords in the TOP of Google before the start of work:

    The number of keywords in the TOP of Google today:

  3. All the most important commercial keywords that the client wanted to promote are in the TOP 5-10:

  4. We also managed to bring to the top frequent information queries in the blog, as the client originally wanted:

    Conclusions: if you use thematic submissions, links from forums and blogs correctly, you can achieve excellent results even in competitive niches. If you promote a real product that is interesting to users, not just an affiliate site, you will not have any problems with posting and creating new tops.