11.10.2022, Vladislava

U.S. aggregator of photographers and videographers – 8x growth in 1 year

About a year ago we were approached by a very interesting project – a large aggregator of services of photographers and videographers – a kind of Fiverr in the world of visual content.

The client had a limited budget, and the task was very ambitious – to grow several times a year with minimal costs.

What strategy did we choose?

Since the budget was limited, mass outreach was out of the question. As a result, we decided to focus on quality submittion links, directories, forum links, as well as links from Quora and Pinterest (a very relevant type of links in such "visual" niches).

We decided to pump both the host as a whole (links to the main page) and important categories of the site, where the most interesting and competitive semantics were concentrated.

Our plan

  1. Start building up links on the main page for the first few months to bring the natural dynamics of link growth throughout the site.
  2. Carefully and accurately pump the internal pages of the site, not forgetting to "dilute" this pumping with links to the main page.

As a result, the client site has been placed approx:

  • 80 forum links
  • 300 submittion links
  • 50 links from Quora
  • 100+ Pinterest links

What results have been achieved?

Let's first look at the "starting point" of the project in June 2021.

The number of links to the domain in June 2021:

There are 471 domains leading to the site.

The amount of traffic per domain in June 2021:

You can see that traffic has been stagnant for a very long time, with almost no keywords in the TOP-10.

By August 2022 the situation has changed, let's look at similar screenshots from Ahrefs.

The number of referring domains to the site in August 2022:

Now the site is referenced by almost 1,500 domains, which is 3 times more than when we started!

What about traffic?

Traffic increased by more than 8 times, and the number of keywords in theTOP-10 – more than 6 times!

As for directly keywords in the TOP, the client is confidently in the first positions for keywords of interest to him (in the U.S.):

Conclusion: you do not need to have a huge budget to multiply traffic growth – it is more important to choose exactly the types of links and sites that are relevant to your niche.