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Publish your website to sell links and earn a passive income.
Find the best link building sites for your site.
Low commissions, minimal withdrawal fees.

What we offer

We offer over 1000 sites for guest posts
All sites are manually moderated and quality checked
Pay by Visa/MasterCard, Payoneer, PayPal, Webmoney, Sepa, Swift and current account for businesses
100% guarantee of placement or return of funds
A profitable affiliate programme
All posts  are posted permanently
The opportunity to make money from your website by posting guest posts
Withdrawals can be made by Visa/MasterCard, Payoneer, PayPal, Webmoney
Minimum amount - GBR 40/USD 56/EUR 50
The price  of accommodation is up to you
A profitable  affiliate programme
New jobs  appear every day

Why you can work with us

Manual placement
All articles on the exchange are posted manually by webmasters
A wide range of payment and disbursement systems
We work with Payoneer, PayPal, Webmoney and Visa/MasterCard
Ongoing support
You will always receive prompt advice if you have any questions. Disputes between advertisers and webmasters
are resolved through arbitration
Low commission
The exchange commission is 10%

How to work in our exchange

Create a project
Choose a site for the placement
Top up your balance
Place your order
Check the result
Add a website
Confirm your rights
Accept an application for accommodation
Complete the order
Get paid

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Over two hundred factors influence a website's position in a search engine. Links from other resources have been and still are one of the main ones. Perpetual link exchanges for promotion are a handy tool that simplifies site selection and communication with webmasters.
Link building is one of the most time-consuming components of SEO promotion, so automation will be useful. Buying links to a website to promote on Google through a link exchange is quicker and easier. You also get a guarantee that the link will be retained in the material you want.

Buy links to your website through an exchange. How does it work, and what is the right way to do it?

Link growth should be controlled, predictable, and of the highest possible quality. Still, certain precautions need to be taken. In this way, you can buy links to your site while saving time by getting placement guarantees in unique and informative articles.

How do I sell my links on an exchange for search engine promotion?

It is important for our clients who need to buy links to websitesto understand how the workflow operates. This is essential for organising the work with the link exchange.

We invite webmasters and advertisers to cooperate. Also, Links Stream offers favorable and transparent terms for each partner category.

Selling links from a website. How do we work with webmasters?

Links-Stream is a marketplace where you can profitably sell perpetual links from guest posts on your website. It's a simple, convenient, and popular way to monetise your online resources and content.

  • In the first stage, the new site, links from which the webmaster plans to sell, undergoes moderation. Exchange specialists check the site for safetyandtraffic quality, as well as analyze incoming and outgoing links. If the site meets the requirements of the exchanger, it is added to the directory.
  • The next step is for the webmaster to set the price of the link in the article. We recommend setting a price for links proportional to attendance. The site owner also should specify how many links he can place in one article.
  • Links are sold from articles on a perpetual placement basis. The customer is given the opportunity to request that it be corrected. He can ask to correct the images, text formatting and other elements in the article. Payment is transferred to the webmaster's balance when the publication is accepted.
  • There are several ways to withdraw money for the links sold on the exchanger. We work with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, and other payment systems. It is also possible to withdraw money to a legal entity. This is very convenient for entrepreneurs who work in the online advertising industry. This option allows the media to raise additional income.

Webmasters are guaranteed prompt technical support at all stages. Our experts will answer any question. If you need to improve your site, we'll tell you exactly what needs to be changed.

Often the key criterion for accepting sites is their traffic. The higher it is, the more attractive a site is for advertisers. There are no strict minimum attendance figures,andeverything depends on the subject of the resource. In some niches, SEO specialists will be interested in links from sites with an attendance of 1000 users per day. In others, this figure can be 500 or 2000 people.

Another advantage of working with our eternal links exchanger is that webmasters can withdraw an amount from 56 USD, 50 EUR, and 50 GBR. If the site is popular, its income can be withdrawn almost daily.

How to make your site attractive to customers on an exchange? Tips for webmasters

Webmasters and exchangers are interested in attracting as many article orders as possible. That is why we have prepared tips for website owners. These tips will help you sell links from articles more often, more expensively, and with greater effect for advertisers.

So, what does it take to make selling links from a website a reliable source of income or even a serious business?

  • Choose a popular topic for the resource. This can be culture, business or economics. Profile sites are of great interest to visitors and advertisers. By placing articles with eternal links, exchange clients receive quality traffic.
  • Fill the website regularly with quality content on the topic. Only informative, interesting and unique articles will attract traffic to the site from social media and Google. This traffic will make your site attractive to advertisers, and you can earn money by selling links and publishing articles.
  • Work with the usability and technical state of the site. Sites without technical errors get more traffic and are placed on the first page of results. Foremost, pay attention to whether the site has an SSL certificate, loading speed, and optimisation for mobile devices.
  • Promote your website and monitor traffic to it. The portal or blog may drop significantly in the rankings because of Google algorithm updates or simply because competitors have become more active in developing their projects.

By following these guidelines, you can make a lot more money from selling links and PR articles from your website. The most successful webmasters invest some money to further develop their sites. This strategy allows you to increase your link price and overall profit.

Buy links to promote your portal, website, e-shop

In addition, we are attentive to advertisers who order placement of articles with eternal links through our exchanger. What benefits do we offer to our customers?

  • A large and growing list of sites with different themes for guest posts. You will find maximum options in various price segments.
  • Only trusted sites that have undergone careful manual moderation. Each site has been checked against our checklist before being added to the directory.
  • There are several payment methods to choose from. The advertiser can transfer funds from Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Webmoney, etc.
  • We guarantee the placement of articles forever within a strictly agreed time frame. If the assignment is not completed, the advertiser will receivetheirmoney back in full. The customer can request adjustments to the design during the process, adding photo and video content. When the publication is finally accepted, the performer will receive payment.
  • The exchange commission is at a minimum. It is 10%. This fee exchange provides guarantees of placement and convenient and fast transfer of money from the customer to the performer. We also take on technical support for any difficulties, constantly expanding the list of sites on which you can place articles with links.

Advertisers and website owners can participate in the exchanger's affiliate programme. This is another earning tool and an opportunity to attract new sites to the platform. All parties will benefit from this expansion.

Tips for choosing article sites

To get the most traffic and optimise costs, follow a few simple rules:

  • Choose sites appropriate in terms of subject or geography. For example, to promote a law firm, a legal portal or the website of the city in which it operates would be suitable.
  • Look at the site's traffic data, in its link profile, and other characteristics on the exchanger. Also, pay attention to the number of pages in the search engine index and the number of outbound links. Choose the sites with the best features in the price segment appropriate to you.
  • Select sites based on a pre-developed link strategy. This can be built by yourself or commissioned from SEO specialists such as Links-Stream.

In addition, you can analyse the sites before placing articles on them. Any paid SEO tools to analyse the link profile, traffic, and other site parameters will do.

Working with Links-Stream: convenient and profitable for all

SEO specialists and marketers are always interested in a tool that will make getting links in large quantities easier. This is especially important when there are many tasks to be done. From working with contractors to the technical state of the site.

Working with Links-Stream can simplify your site selection and ensure that your site rises in the rankings through links and quality referral traffic.

Only the best webmasters and advertisers work with us. We make the process simple, convenient, and mutually beneficial.

Buy links and articles with Links-Stream, make website promotion quick, easy and safe.