Backlinks from Forums,
Blogs, and Q&A Sites

Customize the parameters yourself: from quantity to language and type of backlinks (nofollow, dofollow).

Minimum requirements:
  • Domain Rating from 35
  • Domain Authority from 25
  • Referring Domains from 100

How Does It Work?

Competitor analysis
Assessing the competition in your industry
Platform and donor selection
Filtering out resources for posting links
Content writing and approvals
Taking care of texts to support the links
Account registration
Taking advantage of the account database or registering a new one
Backlink audit
Replacing deleted links in 14 days
Sending metrics and custom reports

What Makes Our Backlink Packages the Best?

Reliable sources of links:
It’s important for us to measure credibility so that your website will appear more trustworthy. One of the tools is domain authority, which examines the site’s link data, age, popularity, size, and trust-related indicators from 1 to 100.
Reliable sources of links:
Plenty of choices:
We have a wide range of themed websites and will suit any website. You’ll find everything from car rent and moving services to IT services and Forex. Each option is a complete package of up-to-date, valuable link-building solutions.
Plenty of choices:
Competitive prices:
The good quality of our service doesn’t come with the expensive agency price tag. For the number of valuable links that benefit you in the long-term, you can enjoy the most effective way of promotion.
Competitive prices:
Innovative SEO strategies:
Purchasing backlink packages gives you a leg up on other business owners who are just waiting for the links to occur on their own. And with our creative approach, we make it possible to match your needs with the best link-building techniques.
Innovative SEO strategies:
Detailed reporting:
Throughout the entire process, we’ll be keeping track of essential metrics. Eventually, you will have all this information conveniently laid out. This will give you the data for your future link-building campaigns.
Detailed reporting:

Why Should You Buy from Us?

Years of experience
We have the experience and expertise in this industry and the necessary know-how to offer our clients an excellent return on investment. This makes us the perfect pick to support your SEO backlink strategy. We know what it takes to get you those high-quality links.
Years of experience
20,000 links per month
This isn’t just a large number. For us, it’s a representation of our contribution to our clients’ successful online presence. With such a high volume of links posted monthly, we cover all industries and areas of business.
20,000 links per month
700-850 projects each month
We don’t only count on one-off projects. Our goal is to work continuously with our loyal customers that understand the value of a good backlink service. By never missing the mark, we show them the worth of buying backlinks.
700-850 projects each month
40 people on staff
Our specialists offer a fully-managed backlink service with an uncompromising level of quality. We are dedicated to your website’s success; we perform and deliver on our promises. And we’re always available for a chat - don’t hesitate to reach out!
40 people on staff
5 languages and growing
To cover as many markets as we can, we strive to expand globally. Right now, we offer English, German, Spanish, Polish, and French. We’ll keep you posted on new additions!
5 languages and growing


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Good seller, perfect communication, and also perfect link building services!
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United States
Excellent communication, fast delivery, quality work. I recommend this seller to everyone. Thanks)
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Did a good job with posting backlinks. I am very happy to see the results. 5/5 recommend.
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jignesh72525 25.05.22
You did good work thanks!!
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webstermarcia 25.05.22
United States
Profitable contractor. Everything was done on time, as promised. Hope for a long working relationship. Thanks for the project.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Pricing Compare to Other Services?
Our goal is to foster mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. So, we’re always trying to find ways to make backlink packages as low as possible. Trust us - you won’t find the same value for these prices anywhere else.
Can I Choose the Websites Before the Link Is Placed?
Not every single one. However, we offer something even better - to choose the domain rating and authority yourself and not waste time on a large amount of research when buying backlinks.
Can I Review the Content Before the Link Is Placed?
Yes. We write the content for our packages and then send it to you for approval. After you confirm that you’re happy with the content, we process to the next step.
Can You Show Examples of Your Work?
Absolutely! We feature many samples to help you understand what to expect. Just scroll down our product page, and you’ll see the screenshots, for example, of forum comments with links.
How Long Will My Links Be Live For?
Our warranty link period is 14 days. What this means is the backlink package will be active for at least this period, but it’s not limited at all.
Are the Texts with Backlinks Unique?
Yes, as part of our backlink packages, we come up with unique texts that are suitable for the posting site. This ensures that your links look organic and have a high success rate.
Are The Websites You Use Built for Links Only?
No, we use real, reputable websites with real visitors that aren’t only meant for backlinks. In the brief, you’ll specify the parameters for link placement, and we’ll take it from there.
Will the Results Be Reported?
Absolutely! This way, you’ll have plenty of data to assess the campaign’s success and see where you’ve received the biggest payouts on our packages.
How Do Backlinks Work?
Backlinks are placed on external websites with the goal to direct people to our website. It’s an important part of an SEO strategy because search engines like Google use them to discover and rank pages.
Can I Order Links for Pharma, Gambling, and Adult Sites?
Yes, we feature SEO backlink categories like adult, online casino, sports betting, and drugs. All of them include relevant tags and ensure a gateway to your target audience.
Will the Links Be Relevant to My Content?
Yes, that’s why we offer you to buy backlink packages with specific themes. If you have an online store for holiday gifts, you can get links from forums that specialize in this topic.
Do You Offer Discounts?
There are a few great ones: when buying backlinks with a “catalog5” promo code, for 100 nofollow links, and for more than 200 links. Keep your eyes peeled for more!
Do You Provide Services in Other Languages?
Yes, in addition to English, our service is also available in German, Spanish, Polish, and French. If your website falls into any of these categories (or is multi-language), we’ll adjust the strategy accordingly.
What Are the Limitations for Anchor Texts?
All comments are 250-300 characters long. In our experience, we found out that it’s effective in terms of getting your point across and keeping the attention of the comment reader.
How Can I Contact You?
You have several ways of contacting us: Facebook Messenger, Skype, Email, and Telegram. What’s more, you can always send us a message through a pop-up window in the right bottom corner on every page.