How Our Service Works

Buying a PBN network can be described in three simple steps:
Pick how many PBN websites you need
Pick how many PBN websites you need
It can be 10, 20, or a custom number - whatever serves your SEO strategy the most
Submit your URL and a local language anchor text
Submit your URL and a local language anchor text
We need it to create fresh, unique websites and content for you that will lead visitors to your main money sites
Relax, and let us manage it from there
Relax, and let us manage it from there
You can count on great visuals and engaging texts

Benefits of Buying Your Own PBN Network

Benefits of Buying Your Own PBN Network
High-quality backlinks:
High-quality backlinks:
With a PBN service, you can get backlinks from pages that get clicks. The groundwork is already laid out, and you can take advantage of that.
Natural traffic:
Natural traffic:
PBNs drive passive traffic effectively because they never look suspicious to Google. Yet, they act as a referrer to your money website from niche targeted traffic sources.
Full control:
Full control:
You can control the links and the anchor text on your network of high-authority sites.
Outsmarting competitors:
Outsmarting competitors:
PBNs can give you a much-needed boost even when your competitors have more referring domains, older websites, or more content.


Amount of websites
from 41
Price for 1 website
Depends on amount
Seo-parameters for non-CIS websites
CF>10, TF>10, DA>10
CF>10, TF>10, DA>10
CF>10, TF>10, DA>10
12 month of hosting
Title, Description, H1..H4, list, table, alt. Plugins for automatic content update
Privacy protection
From 7 to 10 pages of unique content. Total amount of pages on the website from 10 to 20
From 7 to 10 pages of unique content. Total amount of pages on the website from 10 to 20
From 7 to 10 pages of unique content. Total amount of pages on the website from 10 to 20
On the request
Hidden networks
We hide websites from Ahrefs, Majestic, Sermrush, Serpstat and another 50 services
Recommendations about link posting and network support


Profile link building - 70 link
Network support
Cost for 1 website support will be - $20/mon.
Copyrighted texts
$5 for 100 words
Upgrade of PBN with links
nofollow - $4.4/dofollow - $5.5
Addition of submit links - 60 links
Addition of submit links - 140 links
Addition of submit links - 260 links
Usage of domains for auction
*price is being settled based on the costs from auction


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agnespierce 14.08.22
United States
Fast work, all links are placed on trust sites, we will work more
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tabac1234 14.08.22
Very good seller, service as described. Great communication and fast delivery!
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juliapanem 14.08.22
Very satisfied with the work of the master. I enjoyed working with you. They listened to all my wishes and requests. Thematically selected forums and ...
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donaldparsons23 14.08.22
United States
I can say the delivery is amazing and the service is perfect. The seller communicates kindly, which is kind.
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tabac1234 14.08.22
Good seller, perfect communication, and also perfect link building services!
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oliviabrooks610 14.08.22
United States
Excellent communication, fast delivery, quality work. I recommend this seller to everyone. Thanks)
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hudsonaldous91 14.08.22
United States
Did a good job with posting backlinks. I am very happy to see the results. 5/5 recommend.
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jignesh72525 14.08.22
You did good work thanks!!
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webstermarcia 14.08.22
United States
Profitable contractor. Everything was done on time, as promised. Hope for a long working relationship. Thanks for the project.
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brianatkinss 14.08.22
United States
The seller provided high-quality backlinks, and I look forward to awesome results. Good communication throughout the entire work process. I recommend ...

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a PBN?

A private blog network service, also known as a PBN, is the go-to intentional link-building tactic. It is a network of authoritative websites used to feature links to your money website and influence its authority in search.

How Do PBNs Work?

A private blog network building service builds a number of websites you control, all linking to one central domain. After creating content on those websites, a local language anchor with niche relevancy is placed with the right link, boosting traffic on the original website.

Do I Need to Worry About Penalties and De-Indexation?

A quality PBN service can withstand any wave of penalties that Google rolls out. If you’re still hesitant, check indexation to learn up-to-date rules.

What Are the Common Mistakes with PBNs?

Here is what we always avoid when completing your orders:

  • Same registration info
  • Thin content and low-quality website
  • Penalized domains
  • Consistent linking patterns
  • Repeated anchor text
Are PBNs Actually Effective?

If you’re doing it correctly, you can actually harness the power of Google’s algorithm and make it work in your favor. A solid backlinking strategy with the use of PBNs can kickstart your online presence for you to maintain it after the campaign.

Is Using PBNs a Good Practice?

There are conflicting views about PBN services. In our clients’ experience, a powerful private blog network has been nothing but helpful. But if you try to do it on your own, you risking getting your website in serious trouble.

How Many Websites Do I Need?

Generally, you need to buy a PBN network starting with 10 websites on it. If you build less than that, you’re unlikely to receive the promised effect. Instead, you’ll likely just create a few websites that will get lost in searches.

Should I Worry About Leaving a PBN Footprint?

Yes and no. If you do it mindlessly, your PBN footprint can damage your website. But if you’re using our PBN services, there is no reason to worry.

What Are the Tricks to Avoiding Footprints?

For a clean, solid backlink PBN strategy, try to avoid:

  • Dubious providers
  • Suspiciously cheap services
  • Obviously commercial anchor text
How Long Does It Take to Rank High?

While SEO is a long-term process, there are some results that you can enjoy fairly quickly. It might only take weeks before they start seeing traffic pouring through backlinks.

Are You Better Than Competing Services?

We never cut corners at our clients’ expense, which is something that can’t be said about all PBN providers. Some websites out there promise a lot, but their networks can be algorithmically spotted and punished by search engines. Our websites perform well and leave a long-lasting, positive effect.

Will PBNs Help with Growing My Website?

Even with the ultimate link-building strategy, you need put effort into improving your website. Our service will ensure an influx of traffic, but you need to make these new visitors stay.