10.05.2022, Vladislava

Links-Stream 6 years!

Every year I, the founder of Links-Stream, traditionally write a post about the results, achievements and plans. I love this tradition.

This year I'd like to write about high-profile numbers and positive dynamics, an increase in some percentages and new feedback from grateful customers.

That's what it was all about until February 24, 2022, when all of Ukrainians woke up to missile strikes.

The military invasion of Ukraine could not but affect Links-Stream – refusal to work with Russian sites hurt us, but not more painfully than the photos from Irpin and Bucha.

We started making less money, but we haven't stopped being human.

We hide in bomb shelters, but we continue to love our country.

They cut off our electricity, our mobile network, our Internet, but we fulfill our orders and improve service.

Our loved ones risk every day in the war, and we send money to the AFU account.

I am truly proud of the people at Links-Stream. No adjectives. People with whom we will stand up and bring back the previous level of orders. We're already doing that, step by step. Everyone of my team who is reading these lines – thank you. Every one of our customers – thank you for your cooperation. 

We promise there will be lots of positive and beautiful numbers in May 2023. Truthful ones. And you support us in any way you can. 

And, of course, peaceful skies to us all.

P.S. I'll keep one tradition – discounts on services on the occasion of the anniversary:

  • crowd links – 15% (Crowd15) 
  • submits – 20% (Submit20)
  • links packages – 15% (Linkpackages15)
  • Quora/Reddit packages – 10% (QuoraReddit10)
  • PBN – 15$/site with 10pcs and more.