22.02.2024, Юлия

Home appliance repair in Canada – in the TOP-10 in 5 months

Our client is a successful appliance service company that has been in business for over 10 years and offers their services in 46 cities across Canada. The brand specializes in providing repair and refurbishment services for refrigerators, washers, dryers, and ovens.

Customer Request

The company came to us with a request to increase brand awareness and attract a target audience in the Canadian market. When analyzing the project's link profile, we noticed anchor outreach spam on landing pages, which had no effect on organic keyword growth and traffic. In addition, we realized that if manual sanctions had not yet arrived for such aggressive linkbuilding, the site could nevertheless receive a drop in current positions in any of the next updates.

Project Goals

  1. Dilute the anchored guestposts that the client was placing on their own
  2. Maintain link momentum with inexpensive links
  3. Pump up the homepage of the site to gain additional link weight

So here's what we started with:


Number of links to the domain in September 2023



Keywords on the project, September 2023



Organic traffic per month, September 2023

Promotion Strategy

To improve performance and achieve the client's goals, we performed the following actions:

  1. The site had a low DR, so we pumped the main page with sabmits and inexpensive links from directories (as much as the client's budget allowed)
  2. To maintain the link dynamics of the site and dilute the link profile we put crowd-links.
  3. Declared the company on the Western market and attracted the target audience to the site of Quora readers.

Total links to the site:

  • 60 sabmits
  • 125 crowd-links
  • 20 catalogs
  • 17 Quora links

The total amount spent on linkbuilding was $1,300

Niche Features 

Today, home appliance repair services are in high demand not only in Canada, but also all over the world. In general, the Canadian organic traffic market is considered to be one of the most competitive in the world in some query clusters, so to get high positions on HF and SF queries in Canada is a task with an asterisk or big budgets. In our case, we didn't have a big budget, but we had already set a good (though aggressive for white themes) base, which allowed us to achieve the result for a small amount of money.


After setting the dilution on priority pages, the situation began to gradually but steadily improve we saw movement in keyword growth (mostly in low frequency, less in low frequency), and in organic traffic.


Caption: The number of links per domain went from 68 to 194 in 5 months

Caption: The number of keywords in the top 10 increased 2.5 times!

Traffic increased 2.1 times, and to be more specific, the number of users per month increased from 123 to 260.


Caption: Traffic increased by 2.1 times!

It is noteworthy that the growth of keys occurred not only in the top 100, but also in the top 10, which with our budget we consider just an excellent result. 

Project Features

The client already had an established business model with a good reputation in Canada, but needed to improve performance and increase recognition. The main objectives were to dilute anchored guestposts, maintain link momentum, increase natural links to the homepage, and increase the online visibility of the brand in the Canadian market.

Secrets of success 

  1. Prioritize pages and queries 
  2. Crowd-sourcing, Submits, Quora links work best in combination
  3. Proper adherence to link dynamics

Customer Feedback

The best feedback from the client was that the company continues to order links from us. We decided to tell you about the results for 5 months of working together, and as the graphs with Ahrefs show we chose the right strategy.


If you have experience in a gray niche, where links are placed aggressively and a lot, it is not a reason to transfer this experience to white topics :) In such niches as repair of machinery, especially in Canada, you will need a lot of links, but you need to be more careful to put direct anchors be sure to put dilution if you see that the project has stopped growing. And do not forget about the pumping host a strong host helps you break through the TOPs where weaker competitors put dozens of links to the internal page.