20.05.2022, Vladislava

The case of Quora and Reddit: getting targeted conversions

I have been putting off writing this case for a long time, because when we introduced the service package for promotion through Quora and Reddit I still had no "token" how to deal with these two platforms and achieve the desired results.

Previously my colleague has already described the theory of working with these platforms, I will not repeat it, but consider the results on a specific example.  To understand this issue, let's go sequentially and start with definitions.

Quora is a Q&A site, but some consider it a full-fledged social network. Visits to the site are 518 million a month and growing all the time.

Reddit – it's more appropriately defined as a "social network" by virtue of the fact that it has its own so-called subreddits (subreddits) and a bunch of various written and unwritten rules. Visits per month are 1.4 billion.

Both of these platforms have taken the best of Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo Answers: if you look closely, you can see similarities in terms of tracking popular questions and answers, and some interaction between users, but unfortunately not directly.


The client site is https://codeasy.net – an interactive programming tutorial, specifically the C# language (Ci Sharp is a programming language). The main service is an online computer programming course. The training consists of 18 chapters in a quest format, where you save the Universe. There are 3 courses of training programs offered, each with 6 chapters. The nice thing is that the 1st course "C# Elementary" is free. To upgrade to the new course, its own internal currency – viruses – is used.

The client had the task to increase brand awareness, attract new potential audience, get targeted conversions and traffic, thereby increasing the sales of their service.

The process

To achieve the set task, the client chose the service Links from Quora & Reddit

We had 3 accounts in work with fully completed profiles: 2 accounts for Quora and 1 for Reddit.

The volume of comments – 450-500 characters, for Quora used pictures.

The deadline – 1 month.

We placed 10 responses with links on Quora and 5 posts on Reddit (as part of the service package).

Examples of placements




Below in the screenshots shows the result of our work, namely, targeted conversions on Google Analytics.

Download from client's GA

Statistics from GA on Quora click-throughs

Download and statistics on Reddit from GA

If you want to get the same results, we are ready to help in this matter.  You can also consolidate the obtained result with the help of our service Placing links-submits.

Submit an application and we will do our best to make your company even better 😊