Comprehensive link building for online casino review site

More than 2 years ago we were approached by a client with a request for comprehensive link building for a casino review site. The goal of the project was to take a leading position all over the English-speaking Internet: USA, Canada, Australia and Great Britain.

What strategy did we choose:

It's no secret that Gambling is the hardest niche in SEO out there. This means that you just need a huge number of links to achieve results, because the competition is just off the scale.

We decided systematically, month after month, to increase the diversity of the link mass, as a rapid increase in the number of links could lead to search engine sanctions. What we did:

  1. To give a uniform growth dynamics of link mass, we started with submittion links and put them evenly during the first year. In total, we placed more than 550 submits.
  1. After about 6 months of placing submits, we started placing niche crowd-links with a gradual increase in their number until today. During the whole time of work with the project, we have placed more than 2400 crowd-links to various pages of the site. We have to take into account that most of the queries in this niche, even low and medium, are highly competitive. This means that their promotion requires powerful links: guest posts, PBN, etc. But in order not to get penalties from Google, such links must be necessarily diluted with more natural ones, such as crowd-links – which we did.
  1. As it was said above – to promote the competitive queries in this niche, you must have guest posts. After the site had smooth growth dynamics and trust from Google, we started guest posting from very trustworthy sites. All in all, we put more than 200 such links.

In 2 years, we placed more than 3,150 links for $110,000.

We would like to note that the result did not appear immediately, so we thank the client for his patience and confidence in our team, as the casino niche is extremely competitive and quick results are impossible (at least if you want long term results) without the use of spam techniques and black SEO.

What a result we got:

Number of links to the domain before the start of work:

The number of links to the domain at the moment:

Traffic to the site before the work begins:

Traffic to the site today:

The number of keywords in the TOP Google before the start of work:

The number of keywords in the TOP of Google today:

Most of the important money keywords that clients wanted to promote to the TOP are now in the top 1-3 for most Tier 1 geo:

It is also important to note that link building from our team was accompanied by constant work on the site by the client's SEO-specialist. Our combined efforts led to an excellent result that both we and the client are satisfied with.

Powerful boost of your site
Powerful boost of your site
Package of different links is the most effective way to growth in Google. We place only niche links for your site: outreach, forum links, links from directories and blogs


  1. If you systematically engage in quality link building in any niche, even a casino, you will be successful!
  2. The main thing in this niche – to make a long-term strategy and follow it, rather than chasing after the quick result. Four of our competitors that we've been tracking have started very aggressive link building. At this point, three of them have been sanctioned by Google and have lost almost all of their traffic.
  3. Always have to communicate with the client in difficult niches and agree on your actions, to warn them against acting rashly and disrupting the link building dynamics for the sake of a quick result. Work as a team with the client, and everything will work out for sure!