30.03.2022, Vladislava

Links-Stream: How we increased indicators of our clients by combination links

Effective building of the link mass to the site includes one important condition - links must go together. What do we mean? It isn't easy to achieve good performance using only crowd links or outreach or directories. All must go together, performing their functions.

To not be unfounded, we have collected the best indicators of our clients who used different links to build link mass.

First, some statistics

According to 2021, certain changes have occurred in link promotion:

Catalogs and Submits - have grown a lot and are popular with most clients. Most are young sites.

Link packages - from QA to submissions, directories and crowds - customers want the most diverse link profile.

Crowd - they began to order less and less in pure form.

Outreach - increased interest and distribution of budgets in his direction from the crowd.

Types of links that work in 2021

Let's now move from statistics to practice and see a few examples of our clients who use one or another type of link or a combination of them.

Important - all clients from these examples are moving to the West, not to the CIS!


In this example, the client ordered from us only thematic directories and dofollow article submission. Niche: Video Production, USA

From January to May, only 112 domains were added, but the result is excellent:


As we wrote above, the crowd is losing popularity, and in its pure form, it has much less effect than combined with submissions.

We were approached by a client who is a very big fan of this service and ordered it exclusively. The niche of his business is a very narrow IP telephony product for Europe. He decided to launch another new website and download it only in a crowd.

About 100 domains were added in 2021 (Ahrefs sees about 75)

Based on the work results, we saw the reaction to link promotion and the result, but this cannot be called impressive indicators.


Works great, especially when combined with other links.

The client only orders outreach from us, but he added other links to the site.

Niche: Data Science Tools worldwide

We published about 30 guest posts. The rest of the domains were a crowd that the client put on his own.

The client's result is simply excellent, as outreach in conjunction with the crowd works out well—unlike the naked crowd from the previous example.

Complex of links

The client orders all types of links from us: crowd, outreach, submissions, Quora and Reddit.

Since the beginning of the year, about 400 domains have been submitted.

The result was not long in coming. After placing links with specific anchors, we got an increase in positions for key queries and took the first three positions in Google search results.

Glue (301)

More and more tops on drops and glue - this is an unambiguous trend 2019-2022 +

We don't do this for clients, but we will show you one example.

The domain http://ptthead.com/ (the famous Beach Club in Bali) was intercepted and glued to the CBD site for animals - https://pethempcompany.com/

Given the competition in this niche, this redirect can be considered a success.

You have probably met many such examples in the TOP. If not, look at the auctions to see how the most expensive of the redeemed domains will be used further. This is very interesting. 😉

What stopped working?

Scholarchip 😲

Recently there was news that links from scholarships can now harm your site.

Google sent a link to the scholarship page as an example of unnatural links - be careful with these links!


With this case, we would like to show you how important it is to use links in a complex, observing the correct dynamics.

Don't focus on just one category of links, even if you have previously achieved certain results with it. The SEO market is changing rapidly, and it is important to keep your finger on the pulse.

If you don't know what links to supplement or dilute your link profile with, use Links-Stream's link strategy.