15.11.2022, Vladislava

Forum links, links from Quora, a little bit of gestposts – neobank to the TOP in 5 months!

Five months ago we were approached by a client in a very unusual niche – White Label Digital Bank. This is a very competitive niche, and the top results are generated with the help of all kinds of aggregators and financial service providers. It is safe to say that in the financial niche, you need to invest tens of thousands of dollars and months of work to achieve results.

The client's monthly budget was only about $700, and the result was required quickly – we as link contractors often receive such calls :)

Also, the client was interested in a cluster of requests for branded debit cards, which in itself is a very competitive sub-rise:

How we acted

Our team decided to move in two main directions: to pump the host as a whole with forum links and links from Quora + pump the landing page with expensive outreach + dilute the guest posts with forum links.

In total during the period was delivered 9guest posts, 57 forum links and 40 links from Quora.

What was the start?

The number of domains per site before the start of work:

Site traffic and keywords before work begins:

From the screenshots we can see that there is almost no traffic on the site, and in the TOP-10 – less than 10 keywords (5 of them – branded). 

What is the situation in August 2022?

On the screenshot we can see the rapid but smooth growth of link mass, without "candles". Such link growth is very important for proper site promotion.

What about traffic?

Traffic increased by more than 6 times, in the number of keywords in the TOP-10 – more than 8 times!

Let's also look at the page, which was very important for the client:

The page feels great and confidently ranks in the TOP-10. Moreover, in addition to debit cards, the client was also able to put credit cards in the TOP, which, of course, the client was very happy about.

Conclusion: With the right distribution of types of links and priorities it is possible to achieve results even with a limited budget in a competitive niche – do not be afraid to experiment!