17.05.2023, Светлана Величко

Links-Stream is celebrating 7 years

It's been exactly 7 years since the first Links-Stream office started at 8:00. Sitting on wooden chairs and desks borrowed from acquaintances, at our home laptops, we did not yet know how the whole story with the dubious "reviews on the forums" would end. 

Over time, the wooden chairs and tables were replaced by modern, work laptops appeared, then a larger office, powerful computers, a better office again, the first office kitchen, the second office in Kiev, pandemic, telecommuting, the closure of the second office, the war.

The paragraph above briefly summarizes the history of Links-Stream for 7 years. Dry, on the facts. And apart from the facts, there were noisy corporate parties and weekend meetings, burnouts, heart-to-heart talks, scandals and loud door slams, betrayals, reconciliations, going back, meetings with tears in their eyes, hugs, thousands of "thanks" and "well done", hundreds of "we are cool. The company is a living organism: sometimes we are sick, sometimes we are getting ready to climb the mountain, sometimes we are slowly going towards our goals, periodically stopping and resting. 

One thing is important – after 7 years it is clear that we all still have a long way to go. With more and more new achievements. New pages in our history. With new people, new countries, new formats and new ideas. Links-Stream is each and every one of us who have invested time and effort in building a well-known brand with hundreds of loyal customers. There's more to come! 

P.S. We remember every day who we owe the opportunity to work and live from February 24, 2022. Glory to Ukraine!