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How To Get Backlinks From EDU Sites: 5 Easy Techniques

Link building is one of the most powerful SEO tools many digital marketers take advantage of to drive traffic and sales. However, this does not mean that any other URL link will do. If you are experienced enough in link building, perhaps you already know this. Like the .gov backlinks, .edu backlinks are some of the best domains you can take advantage of to get high-quality EDU backlinks. However, to earning these links may be a bit challenging not like in cases of .com or .net domains.

What Are EDU Backlinks?

These are URLs directing visitors on an educational domain site to your website. Naturally, to register a .edu domain, you must be an educational institution and of course, meet specific requirements. Supposedly, you are not. Your only option, therefore, would be to get some backlinks from them, and there is a strict procedure to follow. We will talk about ways to get edu links in a bit.

With EDU backlinks being ‘powerful, it doesn’t entirely mean that you will immediate top raking in the in Google pages. No! it does not work like that. So why should you bother looking for them while you can get others elsewhere? Equally, you would wonder how possible it can be to get them if your niche is not educational, right? Don’t worry; we have compiled comprehensive answers on all these essential queries in this article.

Keep reading to find more and grow from being a typical link builder to an expert.

Why Go For EDU Backlinks?

Online traffic is one of the essential determinants of how much sales you make or how many people are reaching the information on your site. Any marketer would want that. Edu backlinks offers the great opportunity to divert some of its high traffic to your site. Well, other sites of .com or .net could be having that same high traffic so why choose .edu backlinks? Below are top their top most features that will make you chose them over the rest.

  • Relevancy,
  • High Domain Authority,
  • Low (or no) Spam Score,
  • High Citation Flow and
  • Trust Flow

Google, in its part, recognizes these domains as being more trustworthy hence giving them an upper grade in the rankings. Most of these domains are significantly old and that explains more on why Google recognizes them that much.

As for relevancy, do not think like the rest. That .edu domains are purely for education. There are a broad spectrum of learning institutions;

  • The vocational schools,
  • Conservatories,
  • Continuing education programs,
  • Trade schools,
  • Seminaries,
  • Libraries, and more.

At least from any of these, you can get relevant niches you are looking for. Getting these institutions is not hard. You can Google search them.

Now let’s find out some of the ways you can earn some of these links.

Powerful boost of your site
Powerful boost of your site
Package of different links is the most effective way to growth in Google. We place only niche links for your site: outreach, forum links, links from directories and blogs

5 Easy Ways To Get Best.EDU Backlinks

EDU sites for backlinks are numerous. Below is an in-depth description of 5 ways you can earn your site, quality EDU backlinks.

Use Resource Pages

The Internet has several .edu resource pages that can offer you quality backlinks for your site. The beauty with this method that it is more accessible and straightforward. All you need is a little online research about sites with relevant niches like yours. Fortunately, the easiest way to do this is quite simple.

Say you are niche is marriage and relationships. Go to your Google search tab and key in a search string like site:.edu marriage + inurl: resources. When you press Enter, so many results will appear from which you need to choose those sites to pitch. Your selection, however, must be sites offering highly relevant topics as your niche. Remember learning institutions will only require material pertinent to publish to their students and teachers as well. So if your niche topic is of such description, then you will have the upper hand in earning a backlink or more from their page.

Nevertheless, once you’ve considered the relevancy bit, you should ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Are they sites of High Domain Authority?
  2. What is their Spam Score, is it low or zero as expected?
  3. Do they have high Citation Flow required?
  4. What about their trust flow?

From these evaluation questions, you can, therefore, decide on which sites to pitch and ask for backlinks.

Feed Egos

Feeding egos is another excellent strategy for you to earn .edu backlinks. Here, you will need to engage either professors or Ph.D. students from the learning institutions you get. It is quite fortunate that some educational institutions allow these people to create their websites on a .edu network they offer.

When you know who manages which site, therefore, that has the same niche as yours, you can make a quick move and pitch them. You can always get their contacts on the pages on the institution website. Of course, if your article is relevant to their site and has the potential to draw lots of traffic, they will publish it. Anybody reading on their page will think they are the authors and give great comments, thus boosting their ego. On the other hand, you will be celebrating the redirected traffic from their site.

This method may look easy and straightforward, however, it may be costly as well. Some of these site’s managers will have their publishing terms involving high rates per any post they publish.

Offer A Scholarship

‘Making a deal they can’t refuse' have you heard of it? Well, this is another great tactic you can use to get quality EDU backlinks. Naturally, no school would want to refuse a legit scholarship program/ tip for their students. So take this advantage. Begin by Google searching this site:.edu «scholarships.» From the results, make a selection according to the factors we listed earlier about Domain Authority, spam score, etc.

Now access the site and find out to what sponsorship programs are they linking out to? In this case, a school linking to external sponsorships would be the best. Find in-depth information on the terms and conditions listed sponsorships offer. Next, create a sponsorship page as well based on this information. Note that this method may be costly and so you should work out your budget correctly before.

Now you can contact the school to let them know of your sponsorship program. When accepted, they will publish an advert or article on their sponsorship page with a link to your site. There you are, you will have the link already.

Engage Students With .edu Websites

It is very typical of late; colleges are allowing students to create a .edu website on the school network. This allowance provides a suitable condition to earn your backlinks the easy way. In case you know a particular student, this will be easy. You can speak to them about this that you need them to write a post for you and post it on their page with a link directing to your site. For this service, you can agree to pay, or if they are your friends, they may consider giving a free EDU backlinks list.

If you aren’t accustomed to any of them, visit Fiverr.com or Craigslist.com and hire a student for this task. It is among the best approach many uses to build your sites' link building profiles.

Look For Broken Links

Since .edu sites are not for business or an individual, most of them are never updated continuously. Thus, if you search keenly, you will find long published content in them that contain links to sites that no longer exist. Here is where you get your chance. Write a related article and put in your link then pitch the site’s admin, asking them to publish it instead. A quick way to hunt for these broken links is to use Check My Links Chrome extension. It is fast and highly efficient in spotting out these broken links when activated.

Last Thoughts

Quality backlinks holds great potential to skyrocket your sites' traffic. Only a way you can tap is the major challenges you are likely to face. EDU backlinks are among the most powerful backlinks you can have. However, how to develop your EDU profile backlinks may not be very easy, especially for amateur link builders. With these five tips, we believe you will have a blueprint on what to do and which path to follow to successfully reach them.