26.07.2022, Vladislava

All about link strategy. Algorithm of creation in Links-Stream

What is a strategy and when is it needed?

Linking strategy is a plan of action to increase link mass, improve the link profile of the site compared to competitors.

It does not only understand what links should be put, but which links are bad for the site, what technical errors are on the site and what texts should be written to get the result of the promotion. 

The service will be useful for those who do not know how to optimize your site with external links and how to work with them in general.

The first thing that should be mentioned – a link strategy will work and be effective only if there is a general strategy for the promotion of the site as a whole. It's important to have an understanding of your resource's point B - and it's equally important to understand which pages will bring the most conversion (or traffic). It is understanding the niche of the site that will allow you to put together a working strategy that is not only beautiful in the report, but also profitable.

Example. A complex IT niche, with both informational and commercial queries at the top. The client comes with a site of 10 pages, with a small budget and the goal to reach the top. But this will be impossible without developing a full-fledged blog, writing and promoting quality informational articles. And that means that if the linking strategy will only include putting links to the home page of the site and some services, it will not be able to bring real benefit and profit.

When should you apply for a link strategy?

  • you understand what your project should be at point B, but do not understand how to achieve such a result. Point B is most often the position of pages on certain key queries
  • you already have a strategy for technical optimization of the site or the site is already optimized.
  • you have tried to create a reference profile yourself, but do not see the desired result

Algorithm of strategy creation

When we have decided on the purpose of the project and it's time to create a link strategy, it is important to remember one more nuance – the budget. SEO can not be considered in a "vacuum" in isolation from the business – after all, we are optimizing the site to make a profit from the site. Therefore, some expensive options for link building can be excluded from the strategy as those that will not pay off (for example, if the project is young or has a low margin). Or in certain cases, project goals may be reconsidered because the budget to achieve a big goal may not be sufficient.

As an example, here is a study of what our clients spend per month (the information is broken down by topic):

  • IT – from $6,000
  • Finance – from $10,000
  • Law – from $8,000
  • Marketing – from $3,000
  • Weddings – from $1500

If you analyze the sites where you can buy a link and compare their price and DR, you can derive an average cost per link based on the donor's DR:

At the start of creating a link strategy, it's important for a professional to understand what budget they will be working with, so feel free to discuss this at the beginning so that you don't cut the strategy or do it selectively later. If you order a strategy and implement only part of it, then you will be responsible for the result, not the SEO specialist who created it.

  1. Analyze the current link profile of the site 

We look for problematic areas, "pains", low-quality links, spam, etc. We will analyze the current sites by parameters and tell you which parameters to look at when buying links. 

  1. Finding competitors

We search for relevant competitors with the best link profile and quality results in terms of traffic.

  1. Comparing the client's site with competitors' sites

Indicate where competitors outperform the client's site over time and in recent months:

  • The number and quality of links 
  • Proper distribution of links on pages of your site
  • Anchor lists
  • Use of PBN or end-to-end links

  1. Determine the potential of the site pages

Let's see how much organic traffic a month pages can bring, if they are brought to the top 3 positions for the target requests. These values help to see not just your traffic desires, but also the market opportunities. These figures are very important and they are what we rely on when we create a link strategy.

  1. Drawing up a strategy

Based on all the comparisons, potentials, as well as indications of the desired budget, a detailed strategy for the site for 6 months, which will help you understand what links are bad for your site right now, and what he lacks.


As a rule, a small number of companies make up a separate reference strategy. Many agencies are only performers of other people's strategies and contractors working to the TOR. In Links-Stream you can order a link strategy, and on a separate request – and a comprehensive audit of the site with a set of recommendations to improve the on-page and off-page.

Price Links-Stream on link strategy:

  • One analyzed URL – $ 3 (min order - 20 pcs.) 
  • Analysis of 20 pages – $ 40
  • List of links on the rejection –  $ 20.
  • TOR for the texts for placement of 1 pc. – $ 5
  • Recommendations on technical changes on the site – $ 20

Additionally you can order:

  • Making a complete list of links for rejection – $ 30
  • TOR for the texts for placement – $ 7 / unit
  • Recommendations for technical changes on the site – $ 30 
  • Making anchor-list – $ 5/pc
  • Unloading of competitors' backlinks through Ahrefs – $ 4/pc

Linking strategy – just the first step to link promotion, but very important. It depends on how well it will build the further "fate" of your resource. 

Therefore, if you have never promoted your site with links, we recommend that you start with the service "Linkbuilding strategy".