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Best Directories for Backlinks

Nowadays, a business must have a solid presence on the Internet to grow and thrive. Investing in building a quality website is just the beginning. Later on, you should add some e-commerce tools to your site to increase the number of conversions.

There is another important factor to consider, the so-called search engine optimization (SEO) of your site. SEO techniques aim at increasing the visibility of your online resources. This is achieved by obtaining as many backlinks as possible.

The motivation is the fact that search engines give the top places on search lists to pages with the most backlinks. However, while in theory optimizing your site to appear on top the list is simple, in practice, it may not.

In principle you can get backlinks by creating exceptional content that other webmasters would like to refer to. This is, however, a difficult and time-consuming task. Moreover, if your site is not so authoritative and reputable in your niche, you will attract a few backlinks only.

This is why other SEO strategies are often applied to obtain backlinks faster and with less effort. This is the case of so-called directories, pages to which one can submit a URL to obtain backlinks.

Some of the best directories for backlinks include well-known sites such as Yelp. These links are readily available. You do not need to do anything too complicated to get those backlinks. It is almost sure you can get them. This is why missing the opportunity to benefit from them is not an option.

Reasons to Pursue Directory Backlinks

It is not a secret that the largest search engine (Google) emphasizes the importance of good directories. Being listed on a reputable directory (or business listing) is of importance for the ranking on this search engine. This alone is a good reason to pursue backlinks from the best link directories.

However, other reasons are not less important:

  • For a newly created site, these links provide the initial references upon which a diversified backlink portfolio can be later developed;
  • It is rare for a new site to have much domain authority. Thus, directory backlinks help to obtain this initial authority and reputation;
  • You do not need to invest much money to get these backlinks. In many cases you will not need to invest anything at all;
  • You do not need any technical skills to pursue these links. You just need to find the relevant directories to submit your URL;
  • In general, a site can get direct, social, search, and referral traffic. Directory backlinks are good sources of the last traffic category.

As seen, you invest little and obtain many benefits in return from these types of links. So, why not give them a try? You can start by getting backlinks from the best free web directories for SEO. Later, you can consider paid options if you deem it necessary.

Not All Directories for Backlinks Are Created Equal

You must know that not all directories out there on the web are good for an SEO backlink strategy. Thus, let us get acquainted with the directories that can give you useful links:

  • General directories, which list businesses over a wide range of niches and industries. You can count on the backlinks from this type of sites;
  • Business listings, which are much more focused and specific. These types of sites often provide quite good links for an SEO strategy. Many of these sites provide dofollow links, which transfer the authority to other resources on the web. Thus, you must target these business listings from the very beginning. These are among the best directory sites for SEO. Examples include Yell and Manta;
  • Geo-targeted directories, which list local businesses for a specific geographical area. Even though these listings do not have big domain authority like larger sites, they help your business to get local customers. They are a great source of referral traffic too. Choose the geographical area in which you are more likely to find customers;
  • Paid directories, which charge to list your business information. However, these types of sites have a great advantage over other ones. There are fewer businesses on the lists, which increases the SEO value of a backlink from one of these sites;
  • Very specific niche directories. These directories are the opposite of general directories. You can submit your business information only if it is relevant for the directory. If accepted, you will get a very valuable dofollow link. Therefore, you should invest some time to look for these directories.

Most of these options give useful backlinks with a minimum investment in time and resources. Considering that most are free directories for backlinks, you should not miss the opportunity to use them. Consider listing your business details on directories of the different types mentioned above. Read on to know how to do it.

Powerful boost of your site
Powerful boost of your site
Package of different links is the most effective way to growth in Google. We place only niche links for your site: outreach, forum links, links from directories and blogs

Building Useful Directory Backlinks

In principle, getting links from directories is not a big problem. You just need to search and find directories that accept submissions and give dofollow links. Then, select those to which it is most convenient to send your business information. Finally, submit your business listing including a link to your resources on the web.

That does not look like a complicated process, does it? Indeed. However, finding new directories requires a bit of dedication. You just have to use one of the two approaches for this goal. The first approach consists of using search tools. The second consists of using the directories to which your competitors submit their business listings.

Let us see the first option in detail. Here, you need to conduct online searches effectively. For this sake, you can use the «Inrul:» and «Intitle:» search operators. They will return sites that contain the keyword you type after the colon in the URL or title, respectively. Thus, use different keywords along with these search operators.

For the second approach, find out what directories your competitors' business listings are displayed on. This way, you will have a large list of relevant directories to post your business information. And you will have the list without investing much time and effort since your competitor already did so. You can use an online tool to monitor the SEO activities of your competitors and unveil the directories you are sending their information to.

Select the Best Directories for Your Site

After finding potential directories to submit your business information, you have to select the best ones. Do not start working on the submissions before you are completely sure that each directory will give your site a valuable backlink. Thus, to decide which directories are better, you can consider these criteria:

  • The relevance of the directory. Listing your business on a directory that is not related to your niche will not give you any SEO benefit. So, why to waste time submitting to it?;
  • The importance that the directory has for SEO;
  • The audience of the directory. This is quite important to find customers via referral traffic.

When you select the best directories for your site, then you can do directory submissions work.

Time to Send Your Business Information

At this point, you are almost done with the process. You just need to send your business listing to each directory. You can create a single listing with your correct and updated business data. Then, you submit it to all the directories. Do not forget to include the link to your business site along with other relevant data (name, address, contact information, etc.).

Some may still wonder, is directory submission good for SEO? Yes, it is.