02.09.2022, Vladislava

How to ask a customer for a review of the company

Reviews is consumer feedback. By reading customers' opinions about your product/service, you can identify your problem areas and become a better! You don't have to write only good things, you can also benefit from negative feedback. Respond to complaints publicly by solving the customer's problem. This way you show your potential customers that you value your reputation and that such incidents are unacceptable to you. Getting feedback from customers is important. But for whom and why? 

Approximately 60% of customers read reviews before making a purchase from an online store. But, unfortunately, not every consumer leaves a review after purchase. The time when reviews were free is over. So if you don't want to pay for good SERM ratings, you have to pay your customers, but the result can be unpredictable.

6 motivations to leave a review 

What should be done to get customers to leave a review? First, the form should be as simple and clear as possible. If you have to register, enter endless codes, captcha, be sure that already at this point 80% of users will leave this venture. Secondly, do not make the client himself to find a site for feedback. Make it so that after making a purchase the client sees a window thanking him for his order and offering to rate the store.

The window for adding feedback on the site shoppy.gg

Or send this information to the post office after you make your purchase.

And the most important point is motivation. Offer your customer a discount or a gift for a review – it's the best incentive to share your opinion about the product.

We'll look at 6 of the most popular ways to ask customers for a review, using examples. 

      1. Discount

                                                                       Feedback discount from scrap-flowers.com

The most profitable option for the store. You get feedback, and the likelihood that the customer will order again increases many times over. People intuitively do what is written in the rules of the promotion in order to get minus 5% in the check. Such motivation would work in any niche: clothing store, home goods, cosmetics, auto parts, etc.

       2. A gift

                                                                              A gift for a review quickmocker.com

Everyone loves gifts without exception! So why not give the customer a small gift for a review? You can write in the conditions of the promotion that the gift will be for the second order, so this method will be doubly useful for you. You can choose something from your products as a gift, for example, a lipstick or cream tester for a cosmetics store would be fine. You can send as a gift something that is only used as a set. For example, give a gift of cream from the set. But be sure to emphasize that the gift cream should be used only as a set. The choice of gift depends on the budget. Count on the fact that on average you will have to spend about $10-15 per review. Assuming you get 100 reviews in a month, the budget for such a promotion would be about $1000-1500. But with this method you will not only get a review, you will also get new orders.

       3. Bonus points

The client makes a purchase, opens a bonus account or receives a card. For each purchase he receives bonuses, which can then be spent on products from the bonus program or purchased from the main range. This method is the least expensive for the store. You give bonuses, which can be used to pay for purchases. BUT! As a rule, these bonuses cannot be used to pay the entire cost, but only some part of it. I.e. the client will spend all the same, and you will not stay in deficit. 

The bonus program is most appropriate for clothing stores, children's goods, pet products, household appliances, electronics, and books.

       4. Recharge mobile account

The most popular way to get a review. Every third store uses such methods to get the customer to leave a review. The choice is yours: pay $10-15 for a review by a specialist or pay customers half as much for authentic reviews.

       5. Participation in the drawing

The desire to win will fuel interest. But you have to be careful with this option. If you have announced a contest, and the prize pool is publicly available (i.e. the site says what the winner will get if they win), everyone should see the result as well. Publish a news story on the site with the names of the winners, or better yet, a photo of the winners with their prizes. That way you'll increase customers' confidence and desire to participate in future contests.

      6. Free Shipping

Usually stores offer free delivery if the order is for a certain amount. This method stimulates sales in very rare cases. Only if there are a couple of dollars left to the designated amount, the buyer can order something else. But for the store the benefit of this is minimal. It's quite another matter to share your impressions in a review and get free shipping. Few people use this method, so remember and implement it:)
The cost of delivery by courier companies is about $7-15, depending on the size of the order. You can send the goods by mail (the cost depends on the size and region). For logistics of oversized cargo the most profitable option is to sign a contract with a transportation company. The cost is comparable to postal services, but the speed of delivery is faster.

Don't count on every customer to leave a review about you. You have to seize every opportunity to get feedback from your customers! Yes, reviews are bought. Someone orders them from experts, and someone "buys" them from customers for discounts and gifts. Reviews are the basis of reputation, they are the main part of SERM. Make sure you are trusted! Regularly monitor mentions of your company and work with them.