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How To Get Backlinks From .gov Sites

As Neil Patel, a renowned London Digital Marketing Expert, puts it .gov links are like Holy Grail. In his four golden guideline tips on getting your site mentioned in the .gov websites, he says, finding these links are like finding buried treasure. But why so? What makes them unique? First, you need to understand what .gov domains are. These are top-level domains used strictly by the institutions and organizations of the United States' government.

Such organizations owning them include:

  • Federal government agencies and departments; the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Energy, and the U.S. State Department.
  • State governments and sectors, the California Board of Accountancy, Texas Attorney General, and New York State Department of Transportation also use it.

How to get backlinks from gov sites is not such an easy process. It involves lots of set policies, regulations, and guidelines you must follow and adhere to. So how do you make this any easy? Let’s find out.

2 Main Techniques on how you can Earn genuine Gov Backlinks

As an SEO and Digital marketer, you will agree with the fact that backlinks are a powerful tool towards Google ranking. Moreso, on this, having your backlinks from a high Domain Authority .gov sites can be quite useful to your business/ site. On that note, you can always follow either of these routes to get:

  • Short-term approach
  • Long-term approach

Short-Term Approach

This method might be short but can cost you at the end of it if you are not careful instead. There are companies you find marketing these links at quite affordable prices of let’s say $ 5 per 10 links. That sounds an excellent deal, right? I call them ‘gov backlinks free companies.'

However, they always feature drawbacks — some of which could be detrimental to your business/ site. Some of these include the following.

  • Failing to stand out

Once you join such ‘bad companies' for links, you only stand a chance to face stiff competition. Imagine how many people can afford such low rates if not thousands? It means, therefore, you will be competing for the same traffic with several other sites in the business. In the long run, you may end up getting some of your links broken. Now it will be like you spend to get gov backlinks you trust, but they do not help.

  • Minimal opportunity to develop business relationships

Treating Gov backlinks as commodities is a mistake most marketers do. Remember, when you buy these links with such low and burnable rates, your relationship with the webmaster loosens. They will never have time to focus on your site to check any of its developments based on their links

Long-Term Approach

Long-term but quite profitable in the long run. This approach involves reaching out to government institution sites and organizations run by civil servants. In your request for the links, you should explain how your business will be helping the government achieve its goals. Typically, government employees in-charge of these sites are not after profits. They base their evaluation on how many people benefited from their service.

This approach will require you to learn ways of seeking out .gov backlink opportunities. Start with local sites as you move to those of state and finally federal websites.

How to get backlinks from gov sites is, therefore, a choice you need to make. In my opinion, the long-term approach would be the best technique for quality .gov backlinks.

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Powerful boost of your site
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How to Find Quality.Gov Backlink Opportunities at different authority levels: Local, State, and Federal Websites

An ideal method of how to find gov backlinks is by following government initiatives. These could either be at the local, state, or federal level. Let’s find out these opportunities at each level you should watch out for beginning with that available locally.

Local Opportunities for finding.Gov Backlinks

Any dedicated government wants to promote the local business of its people. Hence, they avail job opportunities, urge communities to stay vibrant, and also regulate taxes for new revenue. As a local business owner, here you can get your chance to earn quality backlinks.

Here is how.

First, is to visit your local government website and look for departments, offices, and commissions committed to economic growth, indigenous companies.

Here are examples of these from California:

  • San Diego’s Startup Ecosystem in the city of San Diego, California
  • Office of Economic Development in Greenville, North Carolina
  • Links to Major Local Employers in Long Beach, California

Secondly is get in touch with those companies already having backlinks from those government websites. Reach up to them via their contacts, mainly listed on their sites' contact page. Ask them how you can get your company listed on the official website they are in charge of.

Finding State. Gov Backlinks

Always it is easy to get the .gov state backlinks if you already have those from the local government website. Say, if you stay in NewYork City and want state links, then you will be better if you already have those from the local town’s management.

The procedure in finding the state’s backlinks is pretty similar to that of the local region. First, you access the state’s website and look for sectors dedicated to business, jobs, and associated themes.

When looking for state backlinks, however, key aspects you must focus on are:

  • Finding out if the state government has a public goal and if not an interest in growing your industry
  • Finding out if it has an award page, resource page, or blog discussing local commercial developments

If all these aspects hold, you can go ahead, contact the admin in charge of the website and ask for the backlinks. Note that this procedure might be time-consuming, and patience is of fundamental essence for its success. At times, they may refer you to another department or person who might help.

Earning Federal. Gov Backlinks

Now that you already have both local and state backlinks, you can proceed to get the federal ones as well. Begin by selecting a potential federal government website offering commercial .gov backlinks. Tip: Those sites providing links to at least five or more companies would be the best to pitch. There are always high chances of them giving you the links.

Secondly, it is to contact the site’s administrator. You can find their contacts on the website’s pages. If you can’t, contact the author of posted blogs — they might have connections. Note that sometimes, they may refer you to other departments or persons to grant such permissions.

After putting your request through, now start following up. The federal government officials do have lots of work and since it not their enterprise, they may not focus too much on your request. However, with follow-ups, you might have them act faster to your assistance.


Because how to get gov backlinks can be challenging, it does not mean you cannot get them at all. Many businesses out there are earning massive traffic, and so high sales out of backlinks gov. Your company can as well join them; only you have to practice high levels of patience and tolerance. It all pays off at the end of the day.