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What is a nofollow link

If you own a website, a web-page, or whatever that you wish to rank properly, you need links. Search engines determine based on links whether to rank any website or not, and how to rank it. However, engines don’t consider absolutely all links for ranking purposes.

We can classify links into two main categories:

  • No follow links;
  • Dofollow links.

Only the last link category is applied by search engines, thus, it is crucial to optimization.

However, what is nofollow link? Or rather «What it a nofollow link and how does it differ from a a dofollow link? Need to be aware of differences. Then, you can avoid wasting your precious resources on search engine optimization services that use no follow backlinks.

A dofollow link is a commonly used backlink, like those that you normally see online. No follow backlinks have a changed HTML. There, one more tag is incorporated: «nofollow». You might not see this detail if coding isn`t your favorite activity. This «nofollow» element indicates a search engine that this particular link shall be ignored.

They are commonly not valuable for the ranking. Though no follow links will lead you to the required website, just click on them. Their only difference from dofollow links is in what they inform the search engine about.

Some History

If you have ever had a blog, you shall know about spammers. They all are willing to drop there their comments. Do you remember how annoying it is if you have to delete all those «Buy my product» comments? Google knows it, too. That’s why around 14 years ago, such things as no follow links were introduced.

A simple HTML element «nofollow» indicates a search engine that it shall not consider the link for ranking. And the search engine ignores the link. Thus, the website to which the link leads will not be ranked higher.

Many bloggers started using this strategy intentionally. They were trying to prevent spammers from using their blogs to boost the ranking of their own resources. The link will anyway lead a user to a particular page or website. But none search engine will ever consider it for giving credits to the mentioned resource.

Relevant forum links
Relevant forum links
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Are SEO Nofollow Links So Bad?

Now, you might have got the impression that SEO nofollow links are useless, moreover, that they are evil for your SEO. Not everything is that bad though. These links can be perfectly used to boost your SEO if you know how to apply them correctly.

You can make them useful in several ways.

It can be good to apply a nofollow link on a reputable resource with a massive audience. Even though it will not have any value for search engines, people can still be directed to your resource if they click a link. Thus, your site can generate precious traffic. It marks your online resource as valuable for users and, hence, for search engines.

You can incorporate your brand name in the anchor phrase. Even those users who prefer to avoid your link will notice your brand name. You can be confident that with this method, you can boost brand awareness.

Finally, you can use second-tier links. For instance, you can use nofollow backlinks SEO that direct users to a page or a website. From there, you can use one more link or several links to direct users to the needed resource. People will follow this complicated route only if you provide valuable content in:

  • The initial post with a nofollow link;
  • The website that serves as a bridge between the link and your online resource.

But what regarding SEO? Can be those nofollow backlinks SEO profitable? Of course, they can. It is time to talk about social networks. Search engines determine, to a significant extent, whether your website it popular, updated, and so on based on posts in social networks. The more you place posts the better it is for our online resource ranking. However, most of those links are nofollow ones.

There is no secret in the connection between your activities on social networks and SEO results. People read your post, comment, click. Your site gets traffic, and search engines notice it. The ranking of your resource grows.

One more way is to use influencer marketing for your needs. This is more complicated than the mentioned ways to increase traffic and the ranking of your website. However, once you manage it, it will pay off.

Influencer marketing is a specific strategy when you get access to all the audience of somebody who can boast with a huge number of followers. This sounds so good, but then, most links that you would use are nofollow ones. Now, you see that this link type can be pretty useful.

Don’t Forget about Domino Effect

Have you ever tried this game? You line up dominoes and then, you hit one. It falls on the neighboring piece, and that piece falls again on the next one, and so on until all the pieces fall on the ground.

The same principle can be applied to linkbuilding. You create a line of links. A user clicks on one, it leads him/her to another link, and so on, until the user comes finally to the destination — the required website or page. You shall know how to use those links in the correct places and with right anchors. It doesn’t matter indeed whether those links are dofollow or nofollow ones. As long as they serve the needed purpose, they are fine.

That’s why there is nothing surprising in the fact that all the online resources that rank in the top have plenty of links, both types of them. Thus, the more links you have, the more advantageous it is.