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What is crowd marketing

Many companies prefer crowd marketing over any other way to promote a business and get more customers. What is crowd marketing though?

Let us explain it with an example. The influence of social platforms has become huge nowadays. Many companies use social networks to reach huge numbers of customers. For that, special strategies exist. Crowd marketing is one of such strategies.

If we had to provide a crowd marketing definition, it would sound as follows: crowd marketing is a marketing strategy that allows you to reach your potential customers via influencers.

Now, you might have a question about the mentioned influencer. Who can he/she be and how can you find him/her? This person can be somebody that has some weight in your niche. Otherwise, he/she can be a famous person, a celebrity. The main idea is that this person shall have a huge number of followers. Some thousands or even millions of them are the best if it is possible.

When we speak about crowding, we mean that you can make your products or services popular among the followers of the influencer with his/her assistance.

How Does Crowd Marketing Work?

Let us explain everything again as an example. We will check the major scenarios.

Crowd marketing through expert help

Register profiles or accounts of your company on relevant platforms and resources. Those can be some expert platforms in a specific niche, for example. If your aim is to work locally, consider geographical limitations. If you are going to work internationally or even globally, just specifically defined platforms are fine, it doesn’t matter for which location they are targeted.

There, you can start providing professional advice, publish guides, and provide consultations. Readers will check them and, step-by-step, they will start to associate the name of your business with those professional tips and expert advice that are given there. If the platform is business-specific, there are no random readers there. Those all are people who are interested in a particular product or service. If finally, they decide to order it, they will definitely give the preference to your company because they know that your business is an expert which they have been trusting all the time.

Crowd marketing with the assistance of a popular figure

If you decide to arrange your crowd marketing campaign via an influencer, say, on Facebook, the strategy is different. This option is suitable not for all products. A celebrity can advertise a cosmetics brand or something similar. But it is doubtful that such an approach will bring success to your business if you work with technical equipment.

In this case, you look for a profile that is perfect for such a purpose. The person might be not known in wide circles but he/she has a lot of followers who might be interested in your business. You contact the person and offer a particular payment for advertising services. This celebrity is free to live as he/she is used to, however, for the payment, the person needs to mention your products from time to time. You shall agree on all the conditions up to the frequency with which your company shall be mentioned.

His/her followers will see that he/she uses your products and will also want to try them. Your advertisement starts working and brings the first results.

Crowd marketing through content distribution

To use this strategy, you will need valuable content, a lot of it. Try to use as many distribution channels as you can. There are plenty of them: blogs, youtube, guest posting, forums, and similar.

Users that are interested in your products will be checking it: all the content that you have distributed across different channels. If it provides valuable information to them, they will start checking the links which will direct users to your resource. Further, they will decide whether they buy your product.

Relevant forum links
Relevant forum links
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Crowd Marketing Has Many Benefits

Crowd marketing comes with several benefits that either are not available with other campaigns or are not so visible. The main of them are logical, judging from the approach to marketing:

  • The awareness of your brand raises greatly. People see your logo, the name of your business, your products on pages that they visit. These products are used by the people users trust in;
  • Traffic increases. Even if the influencer`s follower doesn’t want to buy your product right now, the interest is already glowing. People start checking your website;
  • An opportunity to generate leads. The main focus of your campaign is relevant channels. Thus, don’t hesitate regarding a lead generation;
  • An opportunity to build authority among users. This benefit is especially characteristic of the case when you are giving expert advice on professional platforms, forums, and so on. However, even if you are advertising your product with the help of a celebrity, you still build authority;
  • Engagement growth: this benefit is evident. The aim of your crowd marketing campaign is to engage people, to awaken their interest in your offers, to make them check and buy your products.

Note though that these benefits don’t appear just from nowhere. Whatever you are doing, make sure you provide some feedback to all the comments, questions, or whatever. Communication assumes two parties at least, and in this case, you are the one who has started everything. Don’t leave a single comment without a response.

Ways to Organize Your Crowd Marketing Campaign

There are several ways to organize the entire campaign. The first one is, probably, the most demanding, but it will allow you to make sure everything is done as you want it. Do it yourself. If you work with some companions, you can share with them the responsibilities.

The advantage of this method is evident: every step will be done according to your strategy, ideas, and whatever else. Any cons? Plenty of them! You will be busy constantly, day and night, at the weekends and during the holidays. Moreover, are you sure that you know how to do everything that is related to crowd marketing?

Another option is to hire freelancers. There are plenty of specialists ready to do this job for you at a reasonable price.

The third option is to use special tools. Check out some digital apps and plugins. Even if they don’t do all the work, they can still perform the main activities, and you can handle the rest.

Final Thoughts

Whatever definitions you give, crowd marketing is an amazing and very powerful tool to make you famous. Traffic will boost and search engines love such popularity.