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How Do Backlinks Work?

Backlinks are an important part of search engine strategy. They use them to discover and rank pages. Backlinks are placed on other websites to get people to come to our site

What is anchor text?

Anchor text is the visible part of the link that leads the user to the linked page. Anchor text usually consists of keywords or sentences.

Who writes the content for guest posts?

We try to look for sites where articles are written by employees of the site, then it is included in the cost of placement. The client can also provide their own articles (they must be unique) or order us to write the articles, then + remuneration to the copywriter.

Why do you need backlinks?

Search engine crawlers scan websites to identify their subject matter and content, and then reflect in search results the sources of information most relevant to users. Today, the effect of a website's citability on the internet remains one of the most important methods of promotion. And traffic from links is the effect of better search engine ranking.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are hyperlinks that can be used to go from one website to another. They are used by Google to determine how trustworthy other people are about a given page. 

Why is content important to search engines?

Search engines pay very close attention to the quality of content. The quality and usefulness of the content is very important for the best indexing of the article and its ranking in search engines. 

What payment methods are available?

You can pay by a variety of methods, but there are different payment options for each currency.
Payment options:
USD: Visa/MasterCard, Payoneer, PayPal, Webmoney WMZ,IBAN, Wise, Revolut

EUR: Visa/MasterCard, Payoneer, PayPal, Webmoney WMZ, IBAN, Wise, Revolut

GBP: Payoneer


*No service charge

How do I withdraw funds from the service?

You need to apply for a withdrawal. Learn about the possibility of withdrawal in the Payment policy.

What guarantees do you provide?

Guarantee of placement of the advertiser's content on the webmaster's online resource according to the terms of reference. If the webmaster violates the placement agreements, the service reserves the right to resolve disputes by arbitration in favour of the client and will do everything possible to ensure that the advertiser receives the required services in full. The service guarantees content placement on webmasters' online resources for 1 year from the date of publication. 

If we create a network of satellites (PBN) for you, the guarantee of its working ability is 1 year from the date of transfer of access from websites.

Crowdlinks are guaranteed for 14 days. 

What niches do you accept?

We work with many niches, for more details email us on our website chat or at support@links-stream.com.

Are there any niches that you don’t accept?
  • alcohol advertising
  • explosives and materials (except for pyrotechnics)
  • sale of counterfeit goods
  • residence registration services and falsification of documents
  • sale of copies (replicas) of original goods 
  • online medical consultation with diagnosis
  • termination of pregnancy services
  • modified water, electricity, gas meters, as well as meter twisting, magnets for the meter
  • narcotic and psychotropic substances and their precursors
  • online prostitution and escort services
  • sale of psychotropic and other substances available in pharmacies with prescription
  • totalizators and bookmaker's offices without licenses
  • pyramid schemes
  • weapons of all kinds
  • forgery, production or sale of forged documents, stamps, seals, letterheads
  • political advertising
  • defamatory materials about a person, company, product, service, phenomenon
  • acquisition or sale of official documents and state awards
  • spoofing software and services to spoof phone numbers on outgoing calls and SMS
  • advertising of magic services, promising to do harm (spoilage) or good (spell)
  • advertising associated with tragic events, shocking content
  • odometer correction
  • tobacco products and smoking paraphernalia
  • goods and services subject to certification/licensing, where the necessary certificates/licenses are not available
  • goods and services whose production or sale is prohibited or restricted by the laws of the country of posting (illegal activities).

Links-Stream reserves the right to refuse your advertisement without giving any reason. If you do not agree with our decision or have any doubts whether your site is suitable for advertising on the service – please contact us at [email protected].

How does the order process work?

You register in your personal account, create a project, fill in the brief, we analyze it, ask questions if there are any. Next, we select websites and send them to you for approval (if necessary), then we write the texts and send them for approval (if necessary). When the websites and the texts agreed to proceed to the uniform placement of the deadline. At the end of the work turn in the report and within 14 days to change the links, if they are removed.

Can I change my password?

You can change your password in the profile settings in your personal area 

How long does it take to evaluate the links?

It takes time for links to work. Google may index them within 3-6 months. So you may have to wait for this time before the link works. Therefore, only after time you can see the results of the links. 

Can Backlinks From Forums Hurt Your Website?

They can if they are not used intelligently without any strategy. We stick to white SEO methods, so all our links are relevant, placed on quality (not spammy) sites.

How Does Links-Stream Service Work?

To buy links from Links-Stream you need to 

  1. Choose a promotion region, for maximum relevance of sites to your site. 
  2. Specify the number of dofollow and nofollow links you want. 
  3. Submit your order.

After receiving your order:

  1. We carry out a competitor and market analysis. 
  2. We select sites and send them to you for approval (if you want to check them).
  3. We move on to writing texts and send them to you for approval as well, if necessary.
  4. Next we place the links. 

When the work is done you can see all the links you put in the report. The warranty for links is 14 days. If during this period, the link will be removed, we will replace it with another one.

What are the terms of the affiliate programme?

Refer clients to our service using a referral link or referral promo code and earn 5% of all money spent by the referral. The money is credited to the balance upon completion of the referral's order. More information on https://links-stream.com/partnership/ 

I can't register, what should I do?

Write to our support team at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

How are you different from your competitors?

Links-Stream links exchange features flexible pricing for advertisers, convenient affiliate and referral programme, the most profitable system of discounts for loyal and new service members, as well as reduced commissions for deposit and withdrawal of funds. In addition, we offer unique high-quality sites for content placement and prompt support service (including arbitrage) to resolve any disputes.

Who resolves disputes between exchange members?

There is an arbitration system for resolving disputes on the service. If a situation arises that requires the intervention of arbitration, leave an application in the appropriate field, describe the subject of the dispute in as much detail as possible and wait for the arbitration service to respond. On average, it will take 1 to 24 hours (the waiting time may be longer if there is a need to contact another party to the dispute). If one of the parties to the dispute is not contacted within 72 hours, a decision may be made in favour of the other party.

What is the PBN?

PBN (Private Blog Network) uses link building to promote the main website (money-site).

In competitive niches and HF queries, links for link building are too expensive or limited (in narrow topics). In such cases, economically justified to create their own sites for link building. PBN is especially relevant for gambling, betting, adult and pharma niches.


How can I add my website?

A venue is your site where you will make guest posts by topic. You can add a site in the Sites menu by clicking on the Add Site button and then following the prompts on the website. 


A new order can be tracked using the "red dot" notification next to the "Orders" button. In the orders section you can see not only new orders, but also any operations with orders. When it is closed or for example as in the screenshot an order after arbitration with the status of "Return". Clicking on the "Order Name" order details open. There you can also see the history of communication with the client. And if you are not satisfied with something, send your request to arbitration.


Can I choose the websites before the link’s placement?

If you have indicated that you would like to approve sites before posting you will be able to view and approve sites

Can I view the content before the link’s placement?

All texts are 100% unique. The executors carefully study the topic, the client's website, then pick up discussions on the forums and write the text, keeping the conversation on topic. Before publication we can send you texts for agreement, if you have chosen to agree texts when filling in the brief. 

Can you show examples of your work?

To get examples, send us a message by chatting or email [email protected].

In which languages do you post links?

Languages in which we post:


  • English
  • German
  • Polish
  • French
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian
  • and more

All reports can be downloaded from your personal account. In the report, please indicate the link to the site, the comment, the login from which the comment was posted, the date of posting, the anchor (if any) , the dofollow or nofollow link.

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