Guest posting service rules


These rules ("Rules") govern the relationship between (hereinafter "Website", "Site", "Service") and any visitor and registered user ("User"), and are also legally binding and are not subject to discussion by the Users.
By visiting our site, you agree to these Rules. If you do not agree with the obligations, do not use the Site.

If you would like to know how We process your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Site ("Service") is a link exchange that connects the advertiser and the owner of the site (information sites, media, blogs, publishing houses, portals) for posting content in the form of press releases, guest posts, and other advertising materials.

The service acts as a platform that provides registration of Participants, mutual settlements between them, guarantees of publication, support for users of the service and other information services.

Advertiser (Customer) - a registered user of the service who places an order for the publication of advertising materials on web resources.
Webmaster is a registered user who is the owner of an informational web resource and offers to place an advertising publication of the Advertiser on it.

Registering an account on the Service
To use the full functionality of the Service, as well as to ensure the continuity and efficiency of the provision of services, visitors are invited to fill out a registration form, in which they should indicate their name, email address and password. Registration is available for individuals who have reached the age of majority.

To delete an account on the Service, you must write to our support service at [email protected]. After deleting your account, you can register a new one and use it on the Service.

An account on the Service can be used both as an Advertiser and as a Webmaster - switching the functionality is carried out with a special button in the personal account.

Communication between Advertisers and Webmasters is carried out only using messengers of the Service, in some cases - via e-mail of the Service. Other means of communication are prohibited.

The Service is not responsible in cases where the Advertiser or Webmaster leaked access to a personal account and did not notify the support service about it.

Account currencies and balance

When registering an account, you need to select a currency in USA, UAH, EUR or GBR. It will be impossible to change the account currency in the future, if you want to use the service within a different currency, you should register another account.

Crediting funds to your account balance is possible after confirming your email address and is carried out using third-party payment systems, depending on the selected currency during registration. The service guarantees prompt crediting of funds to the balance, as well as the correct display of the current amount on the account, including the history of transactions on the account balance of the account.

Withdrawal of funds from the account is possible after sending a corresponding request to the support service indicating the reason for the withdrawal. The maximum period for consideration of an application is 5 working days. With a positive decision of the support service for the withdrawal of funds, a commission of the corresponding payment system to which the transfer is made is provided. The service reserves the right to refuse the withdrawal of user funds due to incorrect handling, the use of obscene language, violation of these Terms of Service.

Registration and closing of an order on the Service

Rules for Webmasters

The webmaster submits for consideration by the Administration of the Service the sites that it owns, as well as the conditions for posting advertising content (including the cost of publication and terms of posting). The Service Administration manually checks all offers and places them in a catalog that is available to Advertisers. If the online resource does not match, we will send a motivated refusal with justification to the Webmaster. After eliminating the inconsistencies, the online resource can be resubmitted for review.

The webmaster confirms the ownership of his online resource using an HTML file. If you confirm the ownership of the site through analytics services or search engine metrics, data from services can be published on the service and visible to advertisers (traffic, traffic sources, etc.). Requirements for the metrics of an online resource are specified in our Rules for the Webmaster.

The Service does not place the following types of online resources for placing advertising content:

  • Phishing resources, the purpose of which is to illegally obtain user data (such as account password, payment information of a card or other electronic payment systems)
  • Any sites or pages of sites that replace content in order to harm users
  • Resources that illegally write off funds from users' mobile accounts after entering a mobile phone
  • Any doorway sites that aim to collect traffic without providing useful unique content to users
  • Web resources that distribute malware and viruses
  • Service guarantees
  • Service users who have registered on the site are obliged to independently bear responsibility for compliance with the legislation applicable to them, as well as any tax liabilities, if any.

The service does not regulate the cost of the placements offered by the Webmasters. The Advertiser is aware of the fact that he agrees with the price of the Webmaster on the Service and voluntarily transfers funds to him from the balance of his account.
The service does not guarantee that when registering, users indicate their real data (including name). The Advertiser and the Webmaster assume the risks of interaction, communication, and settlements.

If the Administration of the Service becomes aware of violations of the rights or obligations of the user, he will be immediately notified of this via e-mail.

Registering you on the Service as a user (Advertiser or Webmaster) means that:

  • you intend to use the Service within the framework of the rules specified in this document and agree not to violate them
  • when registering on the Service, you provided reliable information about yourself and do not mislead other users
  • if the data about you changes, you will add them to your account
  • you will maintain respectful communication with other users of the Service, as well as support and arbitration
  • you will not interfere with the smooth functioning of the Service, including will not influence the software, source code, and the like
  • you will not transfer your account data to third parties and you will not expose your account to the risk of unauthorized withdrawal of funds or payment for services that you did not order
  • you will not claim or violate the intellectual property rights of the Service, copy individual copies of the content of the Service, as well as keep cached copies for longer than may be permitted
  • you replenish the balance of your account on the Service with funds obtained by lawful means, as well as all your activity on the Service (including ordering advertising content and providing online resources) is legal and does not contradict international law

Stages of work on the Service

The webmaster places his offer in a directory that is available only to Advertisers. The advertiser selects the offers of Webmasters according to the specified criteria for their projects and adds them to the basket, then specifies the materials for placement (text, video and photo materials, etc.), replenishes the balance and pays the entire cost of the placements. After this, the tasks are sent to the webmasters.

The webmaster reserves the right to refuse the placement of the customer's advertising content if it does not comply with the rules of the service and the requirements specified in the webmaster's offer.

The order is discussed through correspondence in the project. If the advertiser's order meets the conditions of the webmaster's offer, the webmaster publishes the content and provides a report on the service provided (link to publication) to the customer. The advertiser cannot make changes to the order after sending it to work, otherwise he should contact the Arbitration.

The Advertiser is not obliged to replenish the account balance to view the Webmasters' online resources, however, the Advertiser's balance must be replenished before the task is sent to the Webmaster.

The webmaster is obliged to accept the Advertiser's order for work within 48 hours on weekdays.

Acceptance of the project by the Webmaster is regarded as the conclusion of an agreement between him and the Advertiser. In this case, the Service is considered not as a party to the agreement, but as a third party assisting in the interaction of the Webmaster and the Advertiser on the terms of the Service Rules.

The order is considered completed if: The Advertiser has approved the content placement report received from the Webmaster; within 72 hours after submitting the report by the Webmaster automatically; due to the decision of the Arbitration after the opening of the dispute. The webmaster can apply to the Arbitration on his own 48 hours after the submission of the report in the event that no response is received from the Advertiser.

The webmaster who has received an order from the Advertiser is obliged to place or write and place advertising content within a predetermined time frame. Clarifications on the implementation of the project must be discussed with the Advertiser. If the Advertiser does not answer the Webmaster's questions within 24 hours, the Webmaster has the right to place the advertising material at his own discretion.

An advertising publication posted by a Webmaster must be available for indexing by any search engine, as well as for visitors to an online resource.

Within 72 hours after the placement of the advertising publication by the Webmaster, the Advertiser must accept the report. Otherwise, the Webmaster has the right to open a dispute on Arbitration 48 hours after the publication is sent for verification, or after 72 hours the order will switch to the Completed status automatically.

The placement by the Webmaster of content from the Advertiser on its online resource means that this content will be posted throughout the existence of the online resource itself, unless other requirements are specified in the order. The webmaster is prohibited from further editing, deleting, moving content from an online resource. In case of removal of advertising material by the Webmaster, the Advertiser has the right to apply to the Arbitration. The service undertakes to compensate for the damage from the remote publication, if it cannot agree with the Webmaster about the restoration of the content. In some cases, refunds may be refused (for example, more than 12 months have passed since publication).
Topics of online resources that are prohibited from posting on the Service:

  • alcohol advertising
  • explosives and materials (exception - pyrotechnics)
  • sale of counterfeit goods
  • residence registration and document forgery services
  • writing diplomas to order
  • sale of copies (replicas) of original goods
  • online medical consultations with diagnosis
  • abortion services
  • modified meters for water, electricity, gas, as well as twisting the meter, magnets for the meter
  • narcotic and psychotropic substances, as well as their precursors
  • online prostitution and escort services
  • sale of psychotropic and other prescription drugs in pharmacies
  • online casino
  • totes and bookmakers without licenses
  • financial pyramids
  • weapons of any kind
  • forgery, production or sale of forged documents, stamps, seals, letterheads
  • political advertisement
  • materials defaming the reputation of a person, company, product, service, phenomenon
  • purchase or sale of official documents and government awards
  • software and services for changing the phone number for outgoing calls and SMS
  • advertising of magical services promising harm (damage) or benefit (love spell)
  • advertising related to tragic events, shocking content
  • vehicle mileage correction
  • tobacco products and smoking accessories
  • goods and services subject to certification/licensing, in the absence of the necessary certificates/licenses;
  • goods and services, the production or sale of which is prohibited or limited by the legislation of the country of location (illegal activity)

If the Administration of the Service becomes aware of the agreements between the Advertiser and the Webmaster regarding the placement of content on sites of prohibited topics, the administration reserves the right to terminate such agreements and return the funds to the Advertiser's balance. In case of repeated violation or no response from the Parties within 7 days, funds on the balance of the Advertiser and the Webmaster may be blocked without refund, and the accounts may be disabled.

Arbitration and support for members of the Service

If users of the Service need help using the functionality of the online resource, they can always contact the support service at [email protected]. The support schedule is indicated on the website.

In case of disagreement regarding the order between the Advertiser and the Webmaster, either party may apply to the Arbitration to resolve the dispute. The Service administration will contact each of the parties to the dispute, analyze the correspondence between users on the Service and make a decision based on the Rules and other documents governing behavior on the Service. At the time of the proceedings, the funds on the Webmaster's balance may be blocked for withdrawal and later withdrawn in favor of the Advertiser or the Service.

Service Commissions

The service takes a commission from the Advertiser when paying for the order to the Webmaster, as well as from the Webmaster when paying for the order by the Advertiser. We draw your attention to the fact that the commission of the corresponding payment system, through which mutual settlements are made, is added to the size of the commission. The amount of commissions of payment systems is indicated on the Service.
The change in the amount of the Service commission occurs only after notifying all users of the Service 7 days before the changes take effect and applies only to new payments for orders.
More detailed information on the amount of commissions, methods of withdrawing funds is indicated in our Payment Policy.

Obligations of users to the Service

By registering on the site, Users automatically undertake to refuse any interaction with other Users outside the system. Types of prohibited interactions:

  • sending your contact information in correspondence to other Users
  • offer for cooperation outside the Service
  • consent to similar actions specified above from other Users

If the User receives offers of cooperation outside the Service, he undertakes to inform the support service about this within 24 hours in order to avoid blocking the account. The service guarantees the anonymity of such messages.

Service penalties in relation to Users

If the User has doubts about whether he is violating the rules of the Service, he can always contact the support service and get a prompt response. We draw the attention of Users that the use of profanity or insults to the support service or arbitration staff entails the closure of the dialogue unilaterally. In case of systematic incorrect treatment of the User with the employees of the Service, the administration may decide to refuse to serve this User and reserves the right to block access to the account.

If the Webmaster has not fulfilled the obligation to post advertising content within the specified period, the following penalties are applied:
in the first and second timeframes in favor of the Advertiser, 5% of the placement cost is withheld, the amount is debited from the balance of the Webmaster for the third time, the Service administration may decide to block the Webmaster's account without refund if after the first and second imposition of fines the Webmaster provides services on time, the penalty counter is reset
Account activation after blocking can be performed by contacting the support service, the Service commission upon activation is 25% of the amount on the User's balance.

If, during the warranty period, the Webmaster decides to remove it and does not respond to support letters within 48 hours, the Service has the right to withhold the amount from the Webmaster's balance in favor of the Advertiser in the amount of the placement cost.
Denial of responsibility
The Services are provided on an "as is" basis. You use the Service at your own risk. We cannot guarantee its uninterrupted or safe operation.
The Service Administration is not responsible for damage caused to the User by posting advertising content. The Service does not act as a third party in transactions between the Webmaster and the Advertiser.

Intellectual property of the Service

If you believe that the content used on the Service may or violates your intellectual property rights, please contact our support team.
The Service reserves the right to remove any content of the User if it considers that it violates the rules of the current legislation or these Rules.
The Advertiser guarantees that the content sent by him to the Webmaster for placement is his intellectual property.

Dispute resolution

Any disputable situations can be resolved through negotiations with the support service or Arbitration.
If you think that the situation needs to be considered in the legal field, contact the support service to obtain the details of an authorized representative of the Service. The Service rules are based on the current legislation of Ukraine.

Termination of cooperation

The Service has the right to unilaterally terminate cooperation with the Webmaster or the Advertiser in case of violation of the current Rules.
In case of termination of cooperation, all funds on the balance of the Webmaster for unfinished orders are returned to the benefit of the Advertisers, the Webmaster can withdraw the remaining funds from his balance. In some cases, the withdrawal of funds from the balance may be refused (for example, incorrect handling of the support or Arbitration service, threats, etc.).

Additional provisions of the Rules

These Rules are the most complete document reflecting all aspects of the relationship between the Service and the User.
Changes to these Rules will be sent to all Users in the form of an email to the email address specified during registration, 7 days before the changes take effect. By accessing the Service after 7 days from the date of notification, Users automatically agree with them.

If the Service is not able to temporarily comply with certain clauses of the Rules, this is not a reason to believe that the Service is evading their observance.
If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Service, write to us at [email protected]