Rules for advertisers (Guest posting service)

Recommendations for the quality of advertising content

In most cases, a webmaster himself puts forward requirements for content that he is ready to post on his web resource, however, there are general recommendations that will help you send the text for publication promptly and without editing:

  • volume - 300 words or more
  • the text is formatted, it contains subheadings, numbered lists
  • text material contains unique photo content in the maximum resolution available for compression
  • the text is unique when checked by any of the corresponding services
  • the content is useful and interesting to users, will attract users to the Advertiser's website
  • the text contains no more than 3 links to the Advertiser's website

Recommendations for the selection of sites

The administration of the exchange does not establish strict rules for pricing and does not regulate the cost of posting content on sites depending on SEO parameters, topics or traffic. Nevertheless, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with other proposals of webmasters on similar sites before making a decision. If you notice/think that the cost of placement on a certain site is not justified up or down and is an order of magnitude different from similar offers - write to us at [email protected]

Please note that the administration of the service reserves the right to deactivate the account of the publisher and advertiser without refunding funds on the balance if it is revealed that the cost of posting content on the service is indicated less, and the difference in price is reimbursed by the advertiser outside the service.

Stages of work

The webmaster places his offer in a directory that is available only to advertisers (customers). The customer selects the proposals of webmasters according to the specified criteria for his projects and adds them to the basket, then specifies the materials for placement (text, video and photo materials, etc.), replenishes the balance and pays the entire cost of the placements. After this, the tasks are sent to the webmasters. The webmaster reserves the right to refuse the placement of the customer's advertising content if it does not comply with the rules of the service and the requirements specified in the webmaster's offer. The order is discussed through correspondence in the project. If the advertiser's order meets the conditions of the webmaster's offer, the webmaster publishes the content and provides a report on the service provided (link to publication) to the customer.


Any disputable situations arising between the advertiser and the webmaster are resolved by contacting the Arbitration service. We guarantee prompt responses (up to 24 hours) and we will definitely contact the second party to resolve the conflict. If one of the parties does not get in touch within 72 hours, the administration of the service reserves the right to resolve the situation at its own discretion or in favor of the other party.

Withdraw funds

The service charges a commission for withdrawing funds in accordance with the commissions of the selected payment system. Please note that the withdrawal of funds from the account is possible only in the currency of the deposit. For details on the conditions for withdrawing funds and commissions, see the Payment Policy.

Sanctions and fines

Fines within the service are charged if the webmaster did not apply to the Arbitration to resolve disputes, and also violated the rules specified in the Service Rules.

Violations of the service rules include:

  • cooperation with webmasters outside the service and any attempts to such cooperation
  • use of foul language and insults to other members of the service and the administration

In case of violation of the rules of the service, sanctions can be applied in the form of an additional commission for the services rendered (5% for each case of violation), deactivation of the account without the right to withdraw funds from the balance, write off the order amount from the balance in favor of the webmaster (including the service commission). To resolve disputes, contact the Arbitration, and our staff will try to help you.