SEO Link Building Services That Actually Work

With most businesses going online, the competition for the first page on Google has never been fiercer. But SEO specialists know that the two most important ranking factors are interesting content and a solid link profile. Let's say you have the first one covered; now, you need links (spoiler alert: Links-Stream can take care of this one for you).

The idea is simple - a page with several good links will generally rank higher than those without links. But where do you get them? This is where a backlink service comes into play.

  • An effective link building agency can unlock massive amounts of traffic.
    It's even better when a highly-visited website is also relevant to your line of business.
  • More website traffic = more leads = more sales.
  • It can build up your brand and establish authority in your niche.
  • Sustainable outreach helps you establish long-term relationships with key people in your industry.

What's more important, we help clients climb to the top of the SERPs.

How Our Backlinks Services Work

We value transparency and clarity in our relationships with customers.
You will always know how your order is being processed and can check the current level of progress.
At Links-Stream, we don't cut corners, so each order involves multiple steps:
Competitor analysis:
Assessing how well your competitors are performing and creating guidelines for what you need.
Platform selection:
Filtering sources for future links based on certain parameters to ensure each one is suitable for your brand.
Donor approval:
Sending you a list of possible donors before reaching out to them or posting anything.
Creating texts and anchors:
Writing descriptive, relevant, and highly engaging texts and anchors that your leads will want to click.
Content approval:
Sending you material for another round of approval.
Account creation:
Registering and boosting accounts for posting the content.
Link monitoring:
Tracking important metrics after the links are placed and replacing deleted links (if needed).
Sharing the progress with the customer.

Our services


Backlinks from Forum, Blogs and Q&A sites
High-quality Links from Forums, Blogs, and Q&A Sites. Donors picked out by parameters: DR>20, referring domains from 100
Private Blog Network
Accelerate your website’s organic traffic growth with a private blog network service! Achieving a solid backlink profile has never been easier - trust us, and you’ll see your ranking skyrocket!
Backlink Packages
Take advantage of the themed SEO backlink packages and purchase in bulk quantity orders.
Submitting links
Profile backinks from top resources with DR> 65 and huge traffic
Links from Quora and Reddit
Quality backlinks from top Q&A platforms. Targeted traffic and coverage by target audience. Manual placement.
We place articles and press releases on topical blogs and other media. Content links are a phenomenal combination of quickly promoting the right pages to the top for keywords and attracting your target audience at the same time.
Links exchange
Publish your website to sell links and earn a passive income. Find the best link building sites for your site. Low commissions, minimal withdrawal fees.
We offer 20+ DR, 100+ referring domains, multiple sources of links (forums, Q&A sites, blogs, catalogs), and a 14-day guarantee for each package. Start with any number of links to promote your website!
We also give you the ability to customize your backlink order for forums, blogs, and Q&A sites (DR>20, 100+ referring domains). Here is how:
Select your region.
Choose the type of backlinks - nofollow/dofollow.
Indicate the number of links - up to 250 for each type.
Choose your payment method and finalize the order.
Enjoy seeing your backlink profile grow!
Whichever option you choose – one of our packages or a custom order – you can rest assured that the links will be placed on websites with high domain authority.

Why We Provide the Best Backlink Services

Links-stream is a white-hat backlink agency, known for its impeccable ability to provide top-performing pages, identify the best placement opportunities, determine gaps in content, and use the most advanced tools for quick results.

Here are the reasons why customers enjoy our services and why they always come back to order more:

  • Reputable, well-trusted, reliable: Good links can improve your rankings, while bad links can hurt them or even get you banned. With us, there is no risk - you will only receive links from authoritative sites. 
  • Experience and expertise: We are a team of professionals, happy to use our body of knowledge and techniques acquired through training and experience on your orders. 
  • Manual campaigns: We don't automate. Instead, we carry out manual outreach to build relationships with as many prominent platforms as possible. 
  • Remarkable donor databases: We can offer multiple opportunities for your link placement on websites that will make your brand stronger. 
  • Affordable pricing: We have struck a balance between quality and volume. Plus, any package you choose will have a great ROI, proven by many clients in the past. 
  • Sustainable results: It's not a temporary measure. With a bank of link-worthy content and our creative tactics, you'll reap the benefits of our campaign for a long time.

We could name many more. But we suggest seeing it for yourself - let's chat about your campaign!


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This forum backlinks gig has real impact on off-page SEO. Seller is very responsible for their work and carry it out clearly according to the timefram...
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gerardrichards9 23.06.24
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This forum backlinks gig has real impact on off-page SEO. Seller is very responsible for their work and carry it out clearly according to the timefram...
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Got links faster than expected
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As always, everything is fast and high quality. The best!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the practice of acquiring a network of one-way links (backlinks) for page promotion. The ultimate goal is to improve rankings in search engine results.  Search engine algorithms use several criteria to determine the relevance of a page, one of which is how frequently the page is linked to. It shows the bots crawling the Internet that other sites have provided you with a recommendation. But the website displaying the link needs to have high domain authority. Otherwise, there will be no value to this link (or it could even make the situation worse).

What Is Link Juice?

Link juice is a colloquial alternative to link equity. It describes the idea that certain links pass value and authority from one page to another. Link juice helps you measure how much power a backlink passes onto another site and how much it strengthens the target website. Google and other search engines use this metric to decide page rankings in the SERPs. Here is how: If a website references another with a dofollow link, it essentially transfers some of its positive properties. It is seen as a recommendation from the algorithm's point of view.

What Makes a Good Backlink?

No specific guidelines explain what a good link is and what is not. If Google told the public, this information would probably become exploited. But at Links-Stream, we have developed several experience-based recommendations for spotting a good backlink:

  • High authority of the linking site. We use the Domain Rating (DR) metric to measure overall website authority. The amount of "link juice" you're getting from a particular page that links to you is determined using the URL Rating (UR).
  • Low number of outgoing links from the site. If one page links to hundreds of other URLs besides yours, it's not a good sign. A link is valuable when there are few outgoing links.
  • Dofollow. Nofollow links from reputable sites also work, but dofollow ones are preferable. Dofollow links pass on authority to a website, which makes a bigger overall impact.
  • Relevant content and anchor text. Search engines are looking for keywords to use to rank your content. Both the anchor text on the linking page and the surrounding content should relate to the topic of your website.
Why Do I Need High-Quality Links?

Think of a backlink as a vote or endorsement. The more votes (links) you get, the better your reputation and, subsequently, the higher your page ranks. So, by placing high-quality links, you position your website as a good candidate for high rankings. But if the vote or endorsement comes from a sketchy, irrelevant site, your reputation could take a hit. 

Google and all other major search engines prefer to see links built organically. A high-quality link is the closest (if not identical) thing to an organic one. 

Is Link Building Necessary?

Yes, search engine algorithms are continuously improved, but links have always been one of the most important ranking factors. Of course, backlinks aren't the sole factor in Google's rankings, but they have real value. A link profile is up there with content - the backbone of any website. 

The data shows that top-ranking pages have more referring domains than lower-ranking pages. Whatever makes your content more compelling and easier to understand for crawling bots is important. And if you neglect link building, you can almost guarantee that your high-ranking competitors don't. If you want to keep up with or surpass them, use backlinks as a powerful tool to do it.

Does Link Building Work in 2021?

A resounding yes. Link building services are effective regardless of what year it is. 

Some things do change - bots are getting smarter, tools are getting more advanced, SEO specialists are becoming more experienced. But this only means that backlink campaigns need to get better every year.

We want to quickly point out that when we launch a link building campaign, we have to revisit it from time to time. Backlinks can disappear, become toxic (which weaken your website's SEO), or just become irrelevant as time goes by. It is a long-term strategy, but the results are not permanent. 

How Many Backlinks Do I Need to Achieve High Rankings?

It depends. If you are targeting keywords with high search volume, then you might need many backlinks. If you are aiming to rank for niche-specific search terms, you'll need fewer. 

For example, if the keyword competition metric is 50 (which means it's difficult to rank), you may need 100 backlinks. If a keyword has a difficulty of 10 (relatively easy to rank), you may need just ten links.

Keep in mind that a high-quality backlink can be worth 100+ low-quality links. So, keep an eye on everything at once - strive for an impressive number of backlinks, pay attention to DR, and don't go overboard.

How Much Does Link Building Cost?

When you make customized orders at our agency, the cost is about $6.60-$8.20 per link. If you opt for a package, you can get 50 links for $315, 100 links - for $620, 200 links - for $1,200. 

When it comes to monthly expenses, the cost of link building varies greatly - you can spend a few hundred dollars or go as high as $20,000 per month. But don't stretch your budget too much. If you can't afford comprehensive services, stick to smaller packages and allocate a portion of your budget to creating good content and supporting incoming traffic.

How Long Does It Take for Link Building to Work?

First of all, don't rush your campaigns; it's best to place links in stages. Slow but steady wins the race - don't try to get all your backlinks in a day. Not only will it look suspicious, but you are also likely to receive low-quality links with no value. 

After the links are placed, they will also take some time (usually a few months) to start generating traffic. Google can index on-site content changes within a few minutes, but it will be 3-6 months before bots crawl web pages and spot off-site activities. After those initial few months, you're likely to see their long-term viability and accumulated results.

Is Link Building Hard?

Yes and no. Earning links is a complicated, time-consuming process. You need to take into account multiple variables, such as the most recent algorithm updates, competing pages, content creation, quality of linking pages and their effect on your website, relevant keywords and search terms, and a lot more. If you let one of these things fly under the radar, you might damage the whole operation.

Here is why it's not that hard. If you work with quality backlink services, a huge part of the burden is lifted off. You no longer have to worry about researching linking pages, contacting platforms, coming up with anchors, or monitoring results. It's not an easy way out, but it's the leverage that helps you achieve more.

What Should I Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Link Building Agency?

Despite the obvious challenges, a saturated SEO and link-building services market isn't a bad thing. It means you have plenty of options. But before going in, you should know which factors to pay attention to.

Let's define the criteria that make a link builder a good partner: 

  • You can see the backlink page before placements.
  • The quality of the linking pages justifies service costs.
  • There aren't promises of instant output; the company shares clear and realistic goals with you.
  • All details of the link building proposal are available, and communication is transparent.
  • The agency seeks your feedback and active collaboration by sharing their progress with you.
  • Previous clients are happy with the service.
Is Links-Stream a Reliable Provider?

Absolutely! Of course, your worries are justified. The negatives can easily outweigh the benefits of hiring a link building company if you choose the wrong partner. 

If you are still on the fence about working with a firm to handle your links, here is something to consider. The Links-Stream team handles 700-850 projects and posts 20,000 links every month. These numbers alone indicate that our agency has many happy clients that can back up our claims. When you hire us to improve your link profile, you ultimately get an improved online presence overall.

Why Should I Choose Links-Stream?

These benefits are sure to provide you with enough motivation to start implementing link building strategies with Links-Stream:

  • Experience: Having been in the market for many years, we've worked with all kinds of businesses and startup projects. And each time, we managed to find the best opportunities for their unique growth trajectory. Such adaptability only comes with experience.
  • Understanding of the field: When it comes to ranking games, the rules are always changing. To survive in such an unstable environment, a required standard of competency, knowledge, and education must be demonstrated. But we're prepared for every update that's coming our way.
  • The right tools: We have the tech side covered. There is simply no excuse for not using the latest planning, monitoring, and reporting tools in 2021. We maintain our competitive edge by implementing solutions specifically designed for productive link building.
  • Best linking partners: We work with linking sites that can provide real value for our customers. We already have many battle-tested systems and partners in our arsenal, so we're excited to share the best linking opportunities with you!
  • White hat practices: We ensure that your site performs well in the SERPs without resorting to questionable practices. We don't stand behind spamming techniques, keyword stuffing, or anything of that sort.
  • Maximized ROI: Our packages are money well-spent. While link building is a slow-burning venture, our past projects show that all these efforts eventually pay off.
How Do I Find Good Link Building Opportunities?

Blogs, forums, and similar community-based websites in your niche or industry are the first places to look. Guest blogging is a great way to find new audiences. But when you also share content made for that new audience, which overlaps with their interests, you boost your targeted traffic.

Another great way to do outreach is to find journalists who write stories about your industry. It is rewarding, but it's also one of the most complicated ways to earn backlinks. There are no guarantees and no way to tell how gracious the journalist will be. 

Our final recommendation for link building opportunities is to create partnerships with similar but non-competing companies. Partnerships don't necessarily lead to links, but they are useful in different ways as well.

Does Link Building Violate Google's Webmaster Guidelines?

Unnatural links can be considered a violation of the guidelines. But the problem is that these guidelines are open to interpretation, and there is not enough clarity. John Mueller, the Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, tries to set things straight but leads us down a familiar path :

  1. Webmaster asks a question.
  2. Mueller offers a short response.
  3. SEO news sites publish the response with a clickbait title.
  4. We see conspiracy theories surrounding the original question.
  5. Uninformed webmasters make bad decisions based on misleading information.

Here is how we deal with Google's webmaster guidelines and make sure we don't violate them. We study available documentation and match it to our own experience gained working on numerous link building campaigns. We don't listen to advice blindly - everything must be supported by evidence.

What Does Google Say About Link Building?

Google warns against using link schemes. There is plenty of documentation on the developers' page that describes everything from an introduction to SEO and "Just the Basics" to advanced SEO. The last subfolder has the guidelines for link building: 

"The best way to get other sites to create high-quality, relevant links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can naturally gain popularity in the Internet community." Google essentially says that creating good content pays off. The more useful content you have, the greater the chances someone else will see value in it and place an editorial link. 

We think that it's just not a viable strategy. The competition for the top spot is so intense that you can't rely on luck anymore.

What Is the Google Penguin Algorithm Update, and How Does It Affect SEO?

Ten years ago, link spammers and black-hat strategies were extremely popular. But the practices became so outrageous and manipulative that Google stepped in. Over the past five years these schemes have largely been banned.

Google Penguin was a codename for a Google algorithm update that massively changed the marketing landscape. The initial rollout in 2012 impacted 3% of search engine queries. The filter went through 10 documented updates and has been a part of the core algorithm since 2016-2017. 

The main goal of the Penguin filter is to combat link schemes and intentional keyword stuffing. If these practices are detected, it will negatively affect the search rankings.

Are There Any Risks From Link Building?

Yes, which is why it should be handled by a professional. It isn't always clear to the uninitiated which services are white-hat strategies that actually work vs. which ones are old-school tactics and black-hat techniques. But if you don't know the difference, you might be penalized.

Poor link building can result in an algorithmic penalty from the search engine to the target website. This will likely result in the site's rankings plummeting or disappearing entirely from the search results. It will take a lot of time and money to recover. Unfortunately, what was ruined by bad links can't be repaired with more good links - you'll need a whole digital marketing strategy.

What Should I Avoid During Link Building Campaigns?

You already know that some practices can backfire and cause more bad than good. Below are seven things to stay away from: 

  • Lack of link-worthy content on your site. When you get a good link, it should lead to equally good content. Otherwise, new visitors will have no reason to stay. Consider doing original research, infographics, interviews, or in-depth articles on complex topics.
  • Unusually low prices. The lower the price, the bigger the risk. And it's not about just affordable prices; we're talking about the lowest-tier services. Cheap strategies are just a highway to getting a penalty.
  • Poor internal linking. If you don't use relevant internal links, the backlink won't distribute its authority to the rest of your website, thus minimizing results.
  • Linking from unrelated sites. Google considers link relevance as a ranking factor. Contextually irrelevant backlinks have no value and sometimes carry negative consequences. An occasional random link won't hurt; just pay attention to the overall picture.
  • Copy and Pasting texts and anchors. Google does not penalize for duplicate content, but the search engine might ignore the link.
  • Creating an unnatural link profile. Watch out for any artificial patterns - don't build too many links too quickly, don't use keyword-rich anchor text very often, and don't spam your anchors with brand mentions.
What Is the Difference Between Link Building and SEO?

Building links is one of the many tactics used in search engine optimization (SEO). So, we can't actually compare them because one is the subset of the other. 

Link building serves a similar goal to SEO in general – it improves the page's position in search results. What's different about link building is that it uses a specific, smaller set of tools. Everything comes down to the seemingly simple task of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites.

Can I Substitute Link Building With General SEO?

If you're new to link building, you might think that you can hire an SEO specialist for all your ranking needs. Or you might delegate this task to your marketing department. But we have a different opinion - in our view, link building is a distinct type of activity that needs to be managed by a team of professionals. The good news is that you don't need them in-house. 

If you work with a service that focuses specifically on link building, you put the pressure off your team. They might be busy with meetings, other projects, replying to emails, and anything else that comes with working on brand promotion.

Also, link building is just not exciting for a single person. For one person, this task quickly becomes repetitive and tedious. But link building agencies do have an economy of scale. The organization is designed to ensure everyone is motivated and specialized, and there is enough rotation to keep workers engaged.