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12 Types of Backlinks That Will Boost Your SEO

In the same way that people are judged by the company they keep, search engines also rank websites based on the quality of their outside links. Because of this, while establishing backlinks, you should be careful to link up with websites known to be reputable and of high authority to promote good SEO for your website.

There are several backlink types in SEO, and to become an SEO expert you should be aware of how many types of link building in SEO. We have listed 12 types of backlinks that will promote your website’s SEO.

Backlinks Acquired by Promoting Your Best Content

If you have high hopes for your new article when it comes to receiving backlinks, then you first need to understand the importance of promoting your content.

This is true for any popular website. Without promotion, content will be buried, and most people will never know about it. This is why promotion is so crucial.

Promoting your content will help other bloggers relate to your content, and they may share your link when they write similar articles. You can also do email outreach. Instead of directly asking them to share your link, ask for feedback on your latest article. This way you do not need to be direct but can still get your message across. You also need to make sure that the backlinks from the site you are contacting are really worthwhile, so check out their Domain Authority score.

Guest Blogging Backlinks

If you get the opportunity to guest blog for a reputed site, you can get an editorial backlink to your site. The key to getting good backlinks is writing guest blogs for reputable sites.

You can also write an article for another site and get a link back from the author’s bio or from within the article. You will need to write good content, however, so readers are interested in visiting your site. Getting good traffic from a guest post is a clever way to direct people to your site. Just be sure you write about topics that have a connection to your site’s niche as that’s the type of content those readers are looking for. Guest blogging only works when done for sites in a similar niche since those audiences will be interested in finding more valuable information on their topic of interest.

Consider the following points before guest blogging;

  • Do no guest blog for sites with little authority as the value of the backlink will be limited.
  • Do not publish low-quality content or you will not be able to grab the audience’s interest, and they will not be interested in visiting your site.
  • Don’t overstuff the article with keywords that sound awkward and unnatural.
  • Do not depend only on guest blogging to get backlinks.

Backlinks Derived with Infographics

Infographics have the potential to go viral on social media, which opens up lots of possibilities for attracting different types of links. Since editors are always looking for relevant infographics for their site, they can embed yours on their site, which is a great way to get good backlinks. Make sure to create high-quality infographics with interesting and informative data to encourage reputable sites to embed it on their site, giving you a valuable backlink.

Powerful boost of your site
Powerful boost of your site
Package of different links is the most effective way to growth in Google. We place only niche links for your site: outreach, forum links, links from directories and blogs

Backlinks from Testimonials

Showing off a client’s testimonial is a great way to gain the trust of potential customers and get more sales. Companies can allow customers to write a testimonial for them along with a link to the customer’s social profile or website details, which is a valuable backlink technique that can help to boost your SEO. Think about all the products you have bought recently that are relevant to your work and write testimonials for those sites linking to your site. This is a white hat SEO technique and one of the most valuable backlink types. Though this backlink type does not sound conventional but choosing a backlink type differently will give your site an SEO advantage and help it rank higher.

Backlinks from Other Bloggers

Getting a backlink from others bloggers will go a long way as bloggers generally write about third-party services or tools. Make sure you communicate with bloggers that post in sites with high domain authority so that you only gain good backlinks. These backlinks are valuable as they speak directly about your services, which will bring your targeted audience to your site.

Backlinks from Influencers

Among the different types of backlinks, those from influencers have higher value. Influencers may seem just like bloggers, but they have more authority than bloggers do since their audience has greater trust in their recommendations. If an influencer links to your website, then the quality of the backlink will be much higher. Make sure that the influencer is authentic and that the engagement rate on their post is organic. You also need to ensure that the niche of the influencer is in line with your website for their audience to show interest in your link.

Backlinks Gained by Creating Free Online Plugins or Tools

Helping other people may give you a good reputation, which will encourage people to visit your site. This strategy can also be applied for backlink SEO. Create useful tools and plugins to solve people’s problems, and then add the link for your site to get more backlinks.

Quality Directory Backlinks

Although not all directories are good, a few are reputable and have decent domain authority that you can’t ignore. If you submit your site details to one of these reputable directories, you’ll get good SEO value and backlinks.

You will find hundreds of directories in the market, and since getting backlinks from directories seems pretty simple, you may be tempted to post your site details on each one of them. This can do more harm than good, however, as most directories are useless. Make sure you choose only the best directories to get backlinks from.

Backlinks Obtained by Running Promotions, Discounts, or Contests

Offering good discounts, offers, or contests can cause your content to go viral, resulting in good results from backlinks. This will also attract the sharing of your post, creating more links that will in turn rank you higher in the search engines.

Backlinks from Posts on Forums

Although there is a difference in the types of backlink techniques, the end result needs to be the same—boosting the site’s SEO. Backlinks earned from forums may result in good SEO if someone has positive feedback for your service or recommends it, but a negative post may be detrimental to your business, so keep in mind that such backlinks can be both good and bad depending on customers' responses.

Backlinks from Q&A Platforms

You also must be aware of the popular Q&A forums, such as Quora or Reddit, where people ask questions. They may be asking for solutions that you can provide by linking them to a useful page from your site. Make sure to include a meaningful response before adding a link so that it does not look like spam. The sites may have a nofollow attribute, but the link will still be presented to a large audience that may decide to visit your website by following the link.

Backlinks from Commenting Directly on Blogs

Dropping links randomly in the blog comment section is considered to be spamming, so do not get into that practice. Instead, interact with the editor or the readers by asking questions or answering their questions. Your intention should be to provide valuable input rather than just leaving a link in the comment section.

Although there are various types of backlinks in SEO, which we have discussed above and all of the links are useful as each type of link has a different goal. Instead of aiming to get maximum backlink types in your posts, you need to first decide the goals you aim to achieve and then return to choose the appropriate link types for promotion. This will in turn help in improving your site’s domain authority and help in increasing your site’s search engine ranking.