13.09.2022, Vladislava

TOP-1 for real estate sales in Dubai in less than a year: crowds+submits+quora answers = TOP-1 for hardest query

About 9 months ago we were approached by a client who wanted to become the TOP-1 on the "real estate" query for the United Arab Emirates region. It is worth saying a few words about the UAE real estate niche – at the moment it is one of the most expensive and developing regions in the world. Its investment attractiveness is off the scale, and the competition between developers and real estate agencies – even more so!

We faced a difficult task – it is necessary to bring the client to the absolute leaders of the niche for the most difficult request in this region:

The task was very ambitious, but we took it on.

What strategy did we choose?

We analyzed the output and found that in the TOP are a lot of press releases (this was done by the press service of the client), as well as links from directories and forums, and not a lot of outreach.

Our plan:

  1. Begin to increase the link mass from submits and directories
  2. Then begin to add crowd-marketing
  3. Also decided to experiment and add atypical for this niche links from the service Q&A Quora in large quantities
  4. At the very end safely "get" the request to the top with the help of guestposts

The total amount spent on link building was $10,000

What are the results?

Let's first look at the "starting point" of the project in September 2021:

Number of links to the domain in September 2021:

The amount of traffic per domain in September 2021:

Number of keywords in the top of Google in September 2021:

What did we end up with for June 2022?

Traffic to the site increased very significantly – more than 30 times!

The number of keywords – literally skyrocketed tenfold!

What about the basic query "real estate"?

If you look at the data for September 2021, the picture is as follows:

The top is very difficult, with Wikipedia in first place!

But in less than a year we can see the following picture:

The site of our client confidently takes the first position!

Conclusions: it is always interesting for us to work on new niches and take on complex challenges. And once again we did it: we managed to overtake Wikipedia itself and get to the top not only for a very competitive query, but also for a very prestigious query, in terms of business!

We are sure that our client has long ago recouped his costs for link building! This was possible only because of the client's trust and close cooperation with their PR-department!

We wish all TOPs and great clients! In links we trust!